Simple Tips to Avoid Sleep Deprivation

In today's world where a lot of things go fast-paced, we often hear people say that sleep is a luxury. Adequate and quality sleep is considered a treasure as more and more people are being sleep-deprived due to stress, illness, and other environmental factors.

Sleep deprivation is not just about insufficient sleep of sleeplessness, but it also means not having a quality sleep. Sometimes you might have slept for 8-10 hours but you still feel tired, that's still sleep deprivation. Your eyes might have shut down for long hours but your mind and body did not actually rest, due to some conditions that might be internal or external.

Sleep deprivation does not only cause bad mood and under-eye circles. It affects our lifestyle, our health, and our overall being.

Here are two simple tips that we often take for granted because we would always think that all beddings and all pillows are just the same.

Choose the right bedding

Beddings with parallel lines or pattern makes the bed look wider

The bedding that's right for you lets you wake up feeling rested. A good bedding is something that complements the style, design and color of your room. It is something that gives you the feeling of comfort and relaxation by just staring at them.

AKEMI is one of the bedding brands I like. Aside from its good quality, it has a lot of design, color and sizes to choose from.

Established in 2007, AKEMI Uchi is a home furnishing and accessories specialty store featuring extensive range of brands – for bedlinen, bedding accessories, towels, curtains, drapes, cushions and upholstery fabrics which originated in Malaysia.

Here in the Philippines, AKEMI sells fascinating beddings in irresistible patterns, styles, and colours which is why even though they are new in the market, they were able to capture the customer's choice for beddings.

AKEMI display in SMX - Mall of Asia

Apart from the awesome physical features of Akemi's beddings, what really sets them apart from other brands is their technology called Tencel. This technology ensures that the fiber are comfortable and natural with silky-soft feature. A touch of Tencel is as good as it makes you feel.

There are 2 types of Tencel beddings - the Lyocell and the Modal.

Tencel Lyocell is light and exquisitely soft. Its fibers came from sustainable wood sources which is why it has long-lasting natural comfort, efficient moisture absorption and is versatile and strong.

Fabrics containing Tencel Lyocell fibers produce a smooth drape, creating flattering appearance and they shine perceptibly more intensively than cotton fabrics and have impressive color vibrance.

Tencel Lyocell fibers are gentle on the skin. They are naturally smooth which enables the fabrics to glide lightly over skin.

Clinical tests conducted showed that Tencel Lyocell fibers provide a less favorable environment for bacterial growth, offering better hygienic qualities.

The Tencel Modal on the other hand features Eco Soft Technology which means chlorine-free bleaching, low air pollution, environment friendly production process aside from being exquisitely soft, too.

Beddings which uses Tencel modal retain long-lasting color vibrancy and are less prone to fade even after repeated washing.

Both the Lyocell and Modal are biodegrable, with enhanced breathability, and with minimal static charge compared to synthetics.

Choose The Right Pillow

Different types of pillows offered by Mr. Big

Pillows are not just for your head and neck. Depending on your sleeping position, additional pillows can help keep your spine in the proper position. The pillow for your head should support the natural curve of your neck and be comfortable. A pillow that's too high can put your neck into a position that causes muscle strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. Choose a pillow that will keep the neck aligned with the chest and lower back. Your pillow should be adjustable to allow you to sleep in different positions.

The Bodyscale Pillow

Whether you sleep on your back, on your stomach or on your side, there's one pillow brand that could support your body while sleeping so it would not be under stress.

Mr. Big, creator of ergonomic pillows offer pillows that will help you achieve a healthy comfort and a pain-free body.

Actress Bianca King checking out Mr. Big Pillows

They have various type of pillows but all of them are very good in keeping your good sleeping posture.

BODYSCALE PILLOW are 5 pillows for 5 different body types. Each of them fits well to the shape of head and neck and firm enough for your head’s weight and shoulders width. 

ORTHOCURVE PILLOW has adjustable orthopedic curve. Precised curve and edge snuggly fit your head, neck and shoulders. It also comes with adjustable pads.

Another type of Body Pillow

LATEX PILLOW is natural nurture - handmade by local farmers using material locally sourced. These latex pillows come from plants.

ORTHOCORE PILLOW has customized fitting by physical therapist for better result of the treatment and enhance treatment experience.

BODY PILLOW is designed to be soft and contouring to your body. You rest your arms, leg, torso, or hip on it to get supports and feel more comfortable in your favorite posture.

Nine Pillow is the most comfortable pillow I have ever tried

NINE PILLOW is known as the Sleep Positioning Pillow. It supports you from head to leg, wrap you in correct spine alignment. The pillow is designed to support important parts of your body simultaneously. It works well for side sleepers who often lacks supports. This is the best pillow for pregnant women.

JAY - Go for Jay, if you're less than 165 cm tall. Jay supports you as much as Nine pillow, only you get even more snuggle fit with Jay if you are less than 165 cm tall.

Here's what's inside Mr. Big pillows - Elasta fiber

You might be wondering why Mr. Big's pillows feel a lot more comfortable than the other well-known brands in the market today. It is because of the Elasta fiber used for the pillows. Elasta comes in smaller cluster, is very soft, has lower fill-up rate, it contours to the body and is hypoallergenic.

Never underestimate the power that the good and quality beddings and pillows can give you. They are a good investment that could save you thousands or even millions of money from the diseases that sleep-deprivation might cause you.

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