Perfume Dessert introduces 5 new vivacious scents for the fumehead and the not so perfumista

On my blog, you might have read an article of two about Perfume Dessert, which is a locally, yet luxuriously made perfume brand that offers gourmand scents - perfume with synthetic edible notes. This brand keeps on evolving which is why I have articles related to it published from time to time.

This time, they are offering new scents to love which I would like to describe as vivacious and twisted because these new scents are innovative, attractive and zestful.

Peach Bourbon Popsicle and Pina Colada

From the name itself, we might have a hint about the scents of these two - cocktail scents. Just like cocktail drinks, you can smell a very light unknown kind of spirit, yet has a sweet scent because of fruit juice, flavored syrup or cream.

With Peach Bourbon Popsicle, you will experience a delicious warm weather cocktail that’s perfect for entertaining or just kicking back. It has a refreshing smell of ripe, juicy, sweet peaches. It is a bit strong, but it is perfect for those who are always outdoor and fun-loving.

Pina Colada on the other hand, has a very light scent, perfect for those who are not into strong smelly perfumes; like me who feels dizzy whenever there are strong smell around. It has a subtle calming scent and just like wht the pineapple symbolizes, this scent if very friendly and gracious.

Raspberry Smoothie and Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream

Both scents came from the "berries" family which are known to be sweet and the berries got a twist of cold beverage and dessert. You might have a notion that these scents are really sweet febreze because of fruits and foods for the sweet-toothed, but no - they aren't just sweet and they do not smell too sweet. Both actually smell a sort of floral or rose note.

The Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream smells a bit strong yet sweet, but once you sprayed it what lingers on the surface is the sweet scent and the strong black raspberry scent becomes subtle. Raspberry Smoothie on the other hand, is a very lovely scent. There's very little sweetness, I can imagine a naive, young, sexy girl whenever I smell it. It is my top choice among the five new scents.

Just like what berries symbolizes, anyone who would wear any of these scents will smell righteous, lovely and kind.

Cotton Candy Unicorn

Light, fluffy, sweet, yet mythical and magical - this is the very defintion of this scent. It will give you the feeling of being young, playful and carefree. I can't stop smelling this amusing scent over and over again because it somehow gives mystery. The scent is just light and you'll feel like walking or lying on the clouds with its scent. It's very feminine, just what the unicorn symbolizes - a graceful, beautiful, strong female.


Maribel Cordovilla said...

Hope I can have this and want to try the scents. Thanks for sharing this mamsh

Maribel Cordovilla said...

Hope I can have this and want to try the scents. Thanks for sharing this mamsh

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