Tips, inspiration, aid for families affected by pandemic from Shelter in Place platform

"Stay At HOME" - this is a famous line we have started hearing since the pandemic CoVid-19 hit the world, brought us inconvenient lives, and gave us a lot of fears from day-to-day.

As the government of each country in the world urges everyone to stay inside or work from home for their safety, the people especially the workforce struggle to live a normal life. But because we value life above anything else, we follow their recommendations to just stay at home while working or don’t work at all, while the virus is still not in control.

Not all people accepted this kind of “new norm” that easily. Most people from around the world are experiencing anxiety, stress. Their mental health suffers, their overall health deteriorates due to a lot of problems that arise since the pandemic began.

Good thing there’s this website called that is focused on helping families and donating all proceeds that they make from the site directly to families affected by COVID19.  It is designed to help people get through being stuck at home. 

The website features articles that mostly COVID-19 related and how to cope in these trying times.

As a Mom who always worries about a lot of things for the whole family like health, finances, security – I wish to see more inspiring and morale-boosting posts that will lift the mood everyday. I wish to read more encouraging articles on how to stay strong, brave, and positive despite the invisible threat in the environment. Also, I wish to see more features that will help the kids and the whole family learn and enjoy while staying inside the comfort of their own room. 

Because I would still want to earn even a little for our living, I also wish to see posts that feature online jobs or online opportunities to start earning from home.

Most of all, I hope to see more families given help from the platform. I hope more people would donate because this is the time that we need each other’s care the most. May the site don’t just last while there is pandemic, but I hope they will stretch their help even beyond this crisis that the whole world is facing.

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