foodpanda’s pandaPatrol hits the road to engage and assist delivery partners

foodpanda, the leading online food and grocery platform, has introduced an exciting new initiative called the pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels. This innovative project involves a distinctive foodpanda-branded bus, painted in its signature pink color, which is set to traverse various provinces and cities across the Philippines. The primary aim of this mobile hub is to foster a stronger connection with its dedicated Ka-panda delivery partners.

As the pandaPatrol bus embarks on its journey, it will make strategic stops at selected gas stations in different locations. These stops will be more than just a fleeting encounter; they will offer a range of entertaining games and activities designed to engage and delight foodpanda's partner riders, including those who deliver on bikes, e-scooters, and on foot.

Patricia Jacinto, the Operations Director of foodpanda Philippines, emphasized that this initiative underscores the company's unwavering commitment to providing unwavering support and assistance to its delivery partners, while also facilitating increased engagement within the Ka-panda community.

Jacinto stated, "We wanted to bring the experience closer to our Ka-pandas by visiting them in their local provinces and cities."

Beyond its engaging games and interactive activities, the pandaPatrol bus will function as a dynamic support hub. Here, delivery partners will have the unique opportunity to interact face-to-face with foodpanda representatives. This instant interaction allows them to address any concerns or issues on the spot. Jacinto highlighted, "Right then and there, we can hear them out and provide the appropriate solution to their queries – whether they are having technical issues with their accounts, need assistance on their delivery sessions, or simply want to provide feedback for process improvement."

The bus also features activities like the redemption of exclusive merchandise and rewards from Bamboo points, which are earned by partner riders through their participation in specific tasks and successful deliveries. Additionally, those interested in joining the Ka-panda community can submit their applications right on the spot.

The roadshow includes on-ground booths that spotlight foodpanda's partner support initiatives, enabling Ka-pandas to explore and take advantage of various services at their disposal.

Jacinto further shared that foodpanda has introduced several programs to bolster support and engagement for its Ka-panda partners. This includes events like the panda legends online tournament, where partner riders come together in a friendly competition with opportunities to win attractive prizes.

The platform has also forged partnerships with governmental organizations like Pag-IBIG Fund and the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to extend access to social security programs and benefits to its delivery partners.

As a gesture of gratitude for their hard work, foodpanda has launched a campaign that doubles the tips received by riders on the app during the campaign period, with the full 100% credited to their accounts.

With the pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels initiative, foodpanda continues to enhance the lives of its dedicated Ka-panda delivery partners. Jacinto emphasized, "Whether it’s for support and assistance on their livelihood or fun and engaging activities, we are here to make their lives better."

She further added, "Creating a positive and engaging environment for our hardworking Ka-pandas is always a top priority because we believe that it's not just about delivering food but also about providing happiness and support for them."

So, if you happen to encounter the pandaPatrol in your local area, a friendly wave and a smile would be a great way to show your support for these dedicated delivery partners who bring convenience and joy to your doorstep.

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