Worst Gifts Ever Given to Girlfriends and Wives

There is a plethora of articles on what to give your loved one for her birthday, for Valentine’s Day, for Christmas, etc. You can find a few really worthy ideas. However, it’s useful to know what a woman wouldn’t like to receive as a present. A bad gift can convey the wrong message and ruin that special occasion or even your relationship. Gifts symbolize your attitude to your loved one, so your girlfriend or wife expects to receive something beautiful, meaningful, and romantic. It’s always better to learn from other men’s mistakes. We asked women on our site meetwife.com about the worst gifts ever received, and here is what they answered.

Kitchen utensils and home appliances
Even if your woman has dreamed about a slow cooker, a multifunctional blender, or new ovenware, she wouldn’t like to receive any of it as a gift for a special occasion. And there is an explanation. Stuff like this falls under the category “household necessities”, so those should be the planned purchases that don’t require a special occasion. Around 15% of women rate such presents as the worst gifts of all time.

Cheap jewelry
More than half of the surveyed women wouldn’t like to receive cheap and tasteless jewelry. And it’s not surprising. Self-respecting and tasteful girls and women just don’t wear bijouterie. Even if they do, it’s never an easy choice, and they prefer to choose that stuff on their own. Also, cheap jewelry can be regarded as a sign of man’s neglectful attitude. Yes, many women believe that if a man has serious intentions, he’ll give valuable gifts.

Clothes of the wrong size
Giving clothes is not a crime, you may think. You leave a box with a gorgeous dress on her dress, she finds it, puts it on, and you go to a fancy restaurant. This is quite romantic, but reality is harsh: men pick the right size only in films. It will be a failure either you choose a smaller or a bigger size. Give clothing only if you know her size for sure, otherwise you’ll remember that dress as one of the worst gifts to give your girlfriend.

Anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-cellulite creams
Women are very conscious of their appearance. They want to stay young and beautiful at all costs and men are not supposed to know in what ways. If a woman receives some beauty product from her man as a present, she’ll think that he thinks she has some problems with that body part. Even if a woman ironically speaks about her imperfections, no one else can do the same.

Another present regarded as one of the worst gifts to give. And it’s an offensive hint, by the way. Women tend to look for the hidden meanings of things. Even if your girlfriend mentioned that she would like to have those cool scales to control her fat and muscle mass, this is the item she should buy herself.

Soft toys
Soft toys are also on the list of the worst gifts to give your girlfriend. Although this is not a bad present itself, women say a Teddy bear will please only an inexperienced girl who is not spoiled with men’s attention. More adult women consider it too unserious.

While money is among the worst gifts to give your girlfriend, your wife will not be against such a gift. Instead of some useless trifle, any married women would like to receive a pack of notes. However, it’s not the case with girlfriends. She will think that you just didn’t want to spend time on the searches for a gift, which means you don’t care about her much.

A statuette should be on top of the list of the worst gifts for women. Most women consider it to be a meaningless present. Yes, it can be beautiful, but it’s useless. Of course, if it’s something original and brought from another country, your woman will appreciate it. But if she wanted that chain with a pendant and you give her a statuette, disappointment is guaranteed.

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