Superfoods: What Super Coaches Are Raving About

Are you seeking a way to enhance your workout performance, boost your energy levels, and lead a healthier lifestyle? Look no further than the advice of Olympic and elite performance nutrition coach, Jeaneth Aro, and renowned raw food chef and health coach, Mia Sison. Together, they advocate for incorporating superfoods into your daily routine as a game-changer.

Aro and Sison recently joined forces with the Filipino plant-based brand, Sekaya, to share their valuable insights during the "Prescribing Nature Series" session titled "How Superfood Powders Can Fuel Your Fitness." During this enlightening session, they shed light on Sekaya Raw Actives, a range of top-notch plant-based superfood powders designed for effortless integration into beverages and dishes.

Aro, known for her role as the nutrition coach for athletes like Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz, stressed the pivotal role of superfoods in maintaining peak physical condition for athletes and active individuals alike. She remarked, "For highly active individuals, whether they are professional athletes or recreational fitness enthusiasts, it's essential to complement their healthy lifestyle with superfoods. Superfoods can be a valuable addition to their repertoire of health-promoting habits."

She further explained, "Superfoods are packed with vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which bolster peri-workout nutrition - the meals consumed before, during, and after a workout. These superfoods enhance overall health and performance, boost energy production, and optimize recovery from strenuous physical activities. This is why it's crucial to be selective when choosing your superfood powders. I only recommend trusted sources to the athletes and individuals I work with, paying close attention to the product's processing methods for effectiveness."

To assist people in seamlessly integrating superfoods into their daily meals and maximizing their advantages, Sison shared practical tips and tricks. She emphasized, "Whether you're preparing meals for yourself or your family, you can make nutritious dishes more enticing, especially for picky eaters, by introducing a variety of flavors. For instance, you can use coconut milk to add creaminess and sweetness."

To illustrate this, she whipped up her unique hummus recipe, replacing the usual chickpeas and sweetener with zucchinis and sesame seeds, and added Sekaya Raw Actives Powerbeet to infuse vibrant color. "One of the remarkable features of Sekaya's superfood powders is their versatility in the kitchen. You can effortlessly blend them into refreshing beverages or incorporate them into soups, stews, and other broth-based dishes," Sison explained.

The Sekaya Raw Actives line offers numerous examples of how it can enhance workouts, catering to individuals at all fitness levels by increasing reps and power. For instance, Powerbeet serves as an exceptional workout drink, thanks to its nitrate content, which converts into nitric oxide, providing cells with more oxygen and energy for enhanced and extended workouts. Research demonstrates that nitric oxide also improves blood circulation, lung function, and muscle contractions, making it a favored choice among athletes seeking to boost stamina and endurance.

Pea Protein, on the other hand, aids in alleviating muscle soreness and fatigue, owing to its naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs have been shown to reduce protein breakdown during exercise and decrease levels of creatine kinase, an indicator of muscle damage. Moreover, Pea Protein is rich in protein, helping individuals feel satiated for longer periods while minimizing the accumulation of harmful fats.

For recovery days, Barley Green emerges as the ideal companion. Each serving contains the same phytonutrients as 60 leaves of barley grass and is loaded with vitamins A and C, renowned for their antioxidant properties that assist in reducing post-workout inflammation. Similar to Pea Protein, Barley Green also contains amino acids that promote muscle repair within the body.

Kimi Abapo, Marketing Manager at Synnovate, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "We're always thrilled to introduce our Sekaya Raw Actives products, as this thoughtfully curated line of nutrient-rich, easy-to-use superfoods has helped numerous individuals stay active and attain their fitness and health goals."

Abapo added, "With our mission to empower Filipinos to become discerning consumers of natural health products, we are grateful that initiatives like the 'Prescribing Nature Series' allow us to inform and educate more people about the convenient ways they can nourish their bodies with high-quality natural products that meet the strictest industry standards."

Sekaya is part of Synnovate, the natural products division of UNILAB. To explore how you can benefit from Sekaya's plant-based solutions and gain valuable health tips and information, follow @sekayaph on Facebook and Instagram. Your journey towards a healthier, more energetic you begins with the power of superfoods from Sekaya.

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