Revealing Johnson’s #HealthyBabySkinPromise with Bianca Gonzalez - Intal and newborn experts

Motherhood is an extraordinary journey, one filled with boundless joy and formidable challenges, especially during those initial days of the newborn stage. It's a period where the elation of welcoming a new life into the world mingles with the demands of sleepless nights, constant care, and the steep learning curve of nurturing a seemingly fragile, little being. Amidst the late-night feedings and diaper changes, there's an undeniable beauty in witnessing the first smiles, the gentle touch of tiny fingers, and the profound sense of love that swells in a mother's heart. This early phase of motherhood is a testament to the strength, resilience, and unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, making it a remarkable and transformative journey.

Understanding the Concerns of Moms

Johnson's Baby, a pioneer in all things related to mothers and babies, deeply understands the concerns mothers face in ensuring their baby's comfort and well-being. Through ongoing research and innovation, Johnson’s Baby is dedicated to fulfilling its promise of nurturing and protecting a baby’s developing skin. The #HealthyBabySkinPromise is a heartfelt commitment by Johnson's Baby to prioritize the health and comfort of newborns by offering innovative products and expert advice to both experienced and new parents. It stems from the recognition that a baby's skin deserves the utmost care, especially in its earliest days. For mothers, especially those with newborns, fulfilling this promise is their top priority.

Claire Khadka, marketing manager for Johnson's Baby, shares, "The #HealthyBabySkinPromise embodies our commitment to creating a world where every baby enjoys the best care possible. Our Johnson’s Baby Milk+Rice line of products is designed to be safe yet effective for newborns, and we hope that these products continue to be a trusted companion for parents, offering the love and care that every newborn and their skin deserves."

A Special Event for Moms

As part of Johnson’s #HealthyBabySkinPromise, the brand participated in this year’s Edamama Family Expo 2023, the Philippines’ largest shopping and learning event for families. Johnson’s Baby hosted a special segment featuring celebrity mombassador Bianca Gonzalez and dermatologist Dr. Ayees Mendoza, who shared their expert advice to assist moms of newborns. The Edamama Family Expo provides an ideal platform for Johnson's Baby to connect with parents, caregivers, and families. Johnson's Baby is proud to be a part of this event, where attendees explored a range of parenting solutions and gained valuable insights into infant care.

The program emphasized the suitability of the Johnson’s Baby Milk+Rice range for newborns’ developing skin, highlighting its safe and gentle ingredients for healthy baby skin. The Johnson’s Milk+Rice Bath and Lotion are enriched with milk proteins and rice extracts, two natural ingredients known to lock in moisture and protect the baby’s natural skin barrier. The segment also included an exciting announcement from the brand as part of its mission to fulfill the #HealthyBabySkinPromise – the introduction of the new Johnson’s Milk+Rice Baby Cream. The Johnson’s Milk+Rice Baby Cream complements your bathtime essentials to keep your baby's skin moisturized, especially since a baby's skin loses moisture faster than that of adults. It is designed to protect the baby's face, elbows, and knees from dry spots for up to 24 hours with regular use.

Celebrity mombassador Bianca Gonzalez shares her experience, saying, “From the moment my two girls were born, like every mom, I always want to give them my best. For me, this includes the best care for their growing skin and hair. I am so lucky to have had Johnson's Baby as part of my two girls’ daily routines from day 1 and from their first bath! I am a witness to how real the Johnson’s #HealthyBabySkinPromise is because I have seen Lucia and Carmen's skin moisturized and protected through their different ages and stages. I'm excited and happy for all the new moms who have yet to experience the Johnson’s #HealthyBabySkinPromise with Milk+Rice Bath, Lotion, and the new Baby Cream for their little ones."

Dr. Ayees Mendoza, a dermatologist, adds, "As a dermatologist, I am delighted to see and be involved in efforts to educate moms on the well-being of baby skin, especially during the newborn stage.”

Inviting Moms to Experience the #HealthyBabySkinPromise

Johnson’s Baby continues to invite moms to provide the best care for their babies at different stages of development to experience the #HealthyBabySkinPromise. For more information on how moms can provide the best care for their baby’s developing skin from the first bath, visit Johnson’s Baby on Facebook (, Instagram (, and TikTok ( Johnson’s Baby products can be purchased on the Edamama mobile app and online websites.

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