Influencer Marketing and the Rise of Momfluencer

Influencer Marketing which involves endorsements and product placements from influencers, people and organizations who have a social influence or have a purported expert level of knowledge in their field; is a billion-dollar industry. According to studies, the industry as a whole will be worth between $5-10 billion this year.

In recent years, we have seen how the influencer marketing industry grow significantly. Brands spend more and more on marketing strategies that utilize influencers which are sometimes called micro-bloggers. Influencers or micro-bloggers are divided into two categories: macro and micro. According to Mavrck, macro-influencers are individuals with 10,000 to 1 million followers, and micro-influencers have 500 to less than 10,000 followers.

Influencers used in marketing are people who have managed to build a large audience or reach on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. On their social media platform, they promote related products for brands via sponsored posts. Many of them are bloggers or vloggers, travelers, foodies, millennials or moms; but just about all influencers have a “niche.”

Micro-influencers earn around $100 per social media post, while macro-influencers' earning ranges from around $1000 per post, depending on the number of their followers and how huge is their reach or engagement on social media.

With the huge number of followers and the amount of social reach these influencers gather, influencer marketing is indeed dominating the marketing industry.

Before, influencers include celebrities, artists, singers, famous personalities but nowadays, influencer can be anyone. For as long as you have good content that can go viral, that is interesting - you can be one.

An influencer posts about anything — a handbag, a pair of shoes, a new shampoo, make-up or a nice meal at that restaurant down the block. Influencers and sponsored posts are everywhere you look on social media, and most reports estimate brands are pouring billions of their marketing dollars into partnering with these users who can reach consumers on social media.

In 2017, the results of the online survey conducted to help understand how companies see the state of influencer marketing are definitely optimistic, proof that influencer marketing is truly mainstream, on an upwards trajectory as a preferred method of marketing.

Influencer marketing does not only involve millennials and the younger generation who has the largest community in social media and who are social-media savvy. It has also tapped the community of Moms who are now called as momfluencers. Now, why is there a rise of the so-called momfluencers?

Every mom is considered a role model to her family, relatives, community - who doesn't have a Mom and who doesn't love their Mom anyway? There may be some, but they are too few. The admiration of a lot of people to mom influencers created independent brands for their generation, leveraging their relationships with brands and social media marketing skills. This is why it's no longer a surprise by the latest trend in influencer marketing: mommy and me influencing. Influencer Moms are everywhere from the food industry to fashion and shopping, health and beauty, home improvement, travel - almost everywhere. Mom influencers have a lot of experience to share, not just about a specific topic but on almost any topic, especially those that need practical tips and truthful opinions.

Moms indeed are the new celebrities on social media and blogs. Their value becomes even higher once they bear a child. Studies have shown that the power of influencer marketing skyrockets when web personalities add babies to the mix, which is why nowadays people equate baby bump to social bump. Babies and kids are cute and people love to get a peek into the lives of busy parents. How they pamper their babies and kids, what products they use to protect the skin of their baby, what are the latest trends on kid's fashion, it's really nice to follow and stalk mom influencers because people have a lot to learn from them. Not to be bias, Moms are the most practical people on Earth, and people just love how they share their tips and tricks in keeping the house clean while taking care of the family and while earning for a living or still enjoying her career.

Because we believe Moms are superheroes without capes, mom influencers are admired and followed anywhere on social media. People believe that in this age of social media where we see a lot of fake and mean people, Moms can be different. She can step up the game by not being bias in her opinions and by being truthful in the ideas she posts on social media.

But seriously speaking, being a Mominfluencer is really hard as some people might set the standard too high for them. Just a friendly reminder to all the Momfluencer fans, they are also human just like anyone of us. They make mistakes, they are prone to errors. Let's not always look for perfection from them, instead let us find the honesty and reality in their every social media posts.

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