HONOR Surpasses Expectations with 200% Sales Growth, Revealed at Fortune Global Forum 2023

HONOR, the global technology brand, has emerged as a trailblazer in foldable innovation and eye comfort technology, achieving an impressive 200% growth in overseas markets this year. The brand's commitment to human-centric innovations took center stage during the enlightening discussion titled “A New Intelligent World: What’s Next for Smart Devices” at the Fortune Global Forum 2023 in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Ray Guo, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of HONOR Device Co. Ltd., emphasized the significance of human-centric innovations in shaping the future of smart devices. Foldables, on-device AI, and technologies enhancing human-device interaction, such as eye comfort display technology, were highlighted as pivotal components of this transformative era.

Addressing a critical global issue, HONOR identified the widespread prevalence of vision impairment and blindness, affecting at least 2.2 billion people worldwide, with 1 billion cases that could have been prevented or mitigated. In response, HONOR prioritized integrating eye comfort display technology, investing over $140 million in display technology R&D, and accumulating more than 500 display-related patents.

Historically, foldable devices faced challenges in portability, durability, and battery life. HONOR, however, successfully tackled these issues with devices like the HONOR Magic V2, which combines the sleekness of a regular flagship smartphone with the immersive experience of a foldable screen. Rigorous testing proved the device's durability, with the ability to withstand at least 400,000 folds, coupled with silicon-carbon battery technology ensuring all-day battery life.

HONOR recently celebrated a significant milestone, surpassing the manufacturing of 1 million foldable phones from its factory. The HONOR Magic V2 stands out as the No.1 best-selling foldable in the Chinese market, capturing a remarkable 25% share of the expanding foldable market as a single model, according to industry analysis firm Omdia.

This achievement signifies a maturing industry, demonstrating how HONOR is propelling the supply chain forward and streamlining the manufacturing process through increased automation and efficiency.

The conversation at the Fortune Global Forum also delved into the potential of on-device AI, a domain where HONOR has made substantial investments. The brand's commitment to AI was showcased during the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, where it unveiled that the upcoming HONOR Magic6 smartphone would feature On-device LLM powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform. HONOR advocates for a hybrid AI model, leveraging on-device AI for personalized content and services while prioritizing user privacy by keeping data on the device.

For those seeking more information and updates, HONOR encourages a visit to its website www.hihonor.com or its social media platforms: Facebook (Facebook.com/HonorPhilippines), Instagram (Instagram.com/honorph/), and TikTok Shop (Tiktok.com/@honorphilippines). Additionally, HONOR's complete list of retail stores can be explored at https://www.hihonor.com/ph/retailers/. As HONOR continues to lead the charge in technological innovation, the brand invites users to join the journey into an intelligent, user-centric future.

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