Unleash Culinary Delight this Christmas with Unique Pasta Creations for Your Festive Gatherings

'Tis the season to be jolly, and with Christmas just around the corner, the hustle and bustle of last-minute preparations and gift shopping have begun. Despite the chaos, the promise of joy that comes with completing these tasks for your loved ones adds a special charm to this time of year.

In every household, the holiday season revolves around the cherished tradition of preparing Noche Buena—the festive Christmas Eve feast. While classics like spaghetti, macaroni, and fruit salad have secured their place on the holiday table, why not elevate your culinary repertoire and introduce a new, delectable dish to your family's celebration?

Pasta, a versatile ingredient, often takes center stage in festive menus. To enhance your Noche Buena spread, consider incorporating these next-level pasta recipes, crafted with the excellence of El Real Pasta.

  1. Pizza Pasta: For the ultimate win with both pizza and pasta enthusiasts, try the delightful Pizza Pasta. This fusion dish seamlessly combines the best of both worlds, featuring El Real Elbow Macaroni, tomato sauce, quick-melting cheese, pepperoni, and ground beef. In just 25-30 minutes, you can create a dish that appeals to kids and even the most discerning eaters. Add a touch of dried oregano or basil for an extra burst of flavor.

  2. Grilled Chicken Salad: Challenge the conventional notion of salads with the Grilled Chicken Salad, a sweet, savory, and protein-packed alternative. This recipe ingeniously repurposes leftover grilled chicken, combining it with cooked El Real Elbow Macaroni, pineapple tidbits, raisins, hard-boiled eggs, and ham. Customize your salad mix for a personalized touch, ensuring a delightful addition to your festive feast.

  3. Sesame Chicken Spaghetti: Embrace the fusion of Asian flavors with the Sesame Chicken Spaghetti, featuring El Real Spaghetti. The distinctive taste of sesame oil harmonizes with savory mushrooms, chicharo, bell peppers, and seasoned chicken breast, creating a pasta dish that is both unique and delicious. Explore the full recipe for a delightful culinary adventure.

  4. Cheesy Christmas Spaghetti: Transform a classic into a festive masterpiece with Cheesy Christmas Spaghetti. Elevate this dish by swapping hotdogs for diced Christmas ham, creating a flavor experience that is truly special. Utilize the El Real Sarap Bundle Pack for added richness (El Real 900g Spaghetti + 800g Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce), making it a perfect addition to your Noche Buena spread. Discover the full recipe to bring a touch of gourmet to your holiday table.

Making these new and unique pasta dishes is made easier with high-quality pasta like El Real Pasta. Not only do these recipes add a special touch to your festive celebrations, but they also ensure that your Noche Buena is both cost-effective and exceptional, thanks to El Real's commitment to providing quality, affordable pasta enriched with iron.

To all the moms out there, this Christmas, don't forget to infuse a touch of uniqueness and flavor into your Noche Buena with El Real Pasta. For more mouthwatering holiday recipes, visit the Real Pastabilities website and explore El Real's official Facebook page for additional cooking tips. If you have your own unique recipes in mind, share them on Facebook and tag El Real.

Remember, El Real Pasta is a product from Universal Robina Corporation (URC), renowned makers of well-loved Filipino brands such as C2 Cool and Clean, Great Taste Coffee, Jack ‘n Jill Piattos, Magic Crackers, Cloud 9, and Maxx. Visit URC website to discover more about URC's delightful snack and beverage brands, adding a touch of joy to your holiday season.

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