Building Inclusive Workplaces: Empowering Connections at PFIP's Pride Summit 2024

Are you a business owner aiming to improve your workplace culture? Do you wish to create a safe space that allows your employees, especially those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, to feel limitless in achieving their full potential? For many years, the Philippine Financial Industry Pride (PFIP) has dedicated itself to empowering workplace culture through forming genuine connections. Their mission is to cultivate safe and inclusive environments that foster authentic relationships, particularly for new and younger members of the workforce.

At the PFIP Limitless Media Launch, hosted by the charismatic Issa Litton, the event kicked off with introductions of the PFIP Board, distinguished speakers, media guests, and community groups. Through mentorship, diversity training, and community-building initiatives, PFIP helps businesses build respectful workplaces that foster innovation, attract top talent, and help employees reach their full potential.

Understanding the liberating impact of authenticity and acceptance, PFIP's programs empower individuals to embrace their true selves and feel accepted, promoting workplaces that genuinely support LGBTQ+ employees rather than merely hiring several LGBTQIA+ staff and calling the effort “inclusive.” PFIP also empowers leaders in the workplace to practice compassionate leadership, teaching managers and executives to nurture empathy and understanding among colleagues and teams.

PFIP Corporate Secretary Ronil Villacorta introduced PFIP, outlining its mission and vision, and explained how companies can become PFIP members. Ultimately, PFIP prides itself on building bridges of understanding and breaking down barriers within organizations. Working with its member firms, PFIP has successfully championed inclusive policies and programs to support Filipino LGBTQ+ professionals, including:

  • Equivalent benefits for same-sex couples
  • Coverage for medical and non-medical transition procedures
  • SOGIESC-sensitive dress code and SOGIESC-affirming practices
  • Inclusive facilities and language
  • Allyship training and LGBTQ+ mentorship

People behind PFIP PRIDE Summit 2024
(L-R) Host Issa Litton, PFIP Chair Weena Ekid, PFIP Corporate Secretary Ronil Villacorta, Dexcom Philippines Senior Director for International Business Operations and Country Head Paolo La'O, CASTRO PR Managing Directress Janlee Dungca, and PFIP Board Advisor Christopher Eugenio.

Learn more about creating a positive workplace culture through genuine connections at the PFIP Pride Summit 2024! Listen to inspiring keynote speakers who will share expert insights on cultivating genuine relationships and connection-driven leadership. Join networking sessions, connect with industry experts, and share valuable experiences on creating a well-connected workplace culture.

PFIP Board Advisor Christopher Eugenio outlines the key events and highlights of the upcoming PFIP Pride Summit 2024. Interactive workshops will also be conducted, where attendees can learn how to foster a culture of care through case studies, skill-building activities, and exercises promoting understanding among colleagues.

Join the movement toward genuine connections and sign up for the Pride Summit 2024! Reserve your spot now to explore the transformative power of safe, authentic, and genuine connections. Take a step toward fostering authentic relationships, creating safe spaces, and helping employees realize their full potential.

PFIP Chair Weena Ekid concluded the media launch by sharing the origins and evolution of the PFIP Pride Summit over the past 10 years. Start building a more inclusive business today. Join us at Limitless: Inclusion Beyond Horizons – The 2024 PFIP Pride Summit and elevate your organization's LGBTQ+ inclusion strategy. This premier event, taking place on July 30-31 at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La The Fort, offers a unique platform for business leaders and innovators who are also workplace inclusion champions and advocates.

Register now and secure your spot at the 2024 PFIP Pride Summit: PFIP Pride Summit 2024. For sponsorship opportunities, email

The PFIP Pride Summit 2024 is set to be an inspiring and transformative event, underscoring the importance of genuine connections and inclusive workplace culture. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this pivotal movement toward a more empathetic and understanding business environment.

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