How to give your child the real happiness in life?

Every Mom's happiness is their chidren. Mommies are happy to see their kids happy. But do you know what happiness really is according to surveys? It actually is a powerful combination of a nurturing environment and proper nutrition.

Let me share to you some tips on how to create a nurturing environment.

Hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy

Kids need a loving and nurturing environment to #GrowHappy. The right kind of love and care helps them achieve a positive emotional state of happiness. Don’t forget to give the little ones a hug and a kiss, even during simple moments like before going out for a play or before going to bed.

Play time, game time

Do you know that there’s such a thing as physical happiness? For the kids, it is all about being fit enough to play as much as they want. It is important for us, Moms to give our kids time to play and experience the fun of childhood. Teach him to ride a bike, skip rope, or the traditional games such as piko and tumbang preso! Make sure that your child gets all the happy exercise he needs to build those little muscles. Moms and Dads should join too to make it more fun!

And how do we support proper nutrition?

It all starts with the tummy!

It's in the gut where nutrients are absorbed and where the “happy hormone”, or serotonin, and immune cells are produced. With a strong tummy, our kids will surely be and will have strong immunity.

Proper nutrition is essential for the kid's growth and development. Make sure they eatthe right amount of fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and meat. Milk is also an integral part of the child’s diet.

Give your growing child NESTOKID FOUR!

NESTOKID® FOUR is a growing up milk that helps support your child’s growing needs. It has vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. On top of these, it has L.comfortis, a probiotic that provides gut comfort, helps strengthen immunity and support overall growth and development.

NESTOKID® FOUR is not a breastmilk substitute but a growing-up milk especially suited to healthy young children above 3 years old.

So Mommies, enjoy your happiness with your child everyday! Give your kid NESTOKID FOUR. Because a healthy child is a happy child! NESTOKID FOUR, #GROWHAPPY!

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