World’s Gaming Titans Unveil Next-Gen Platform CRETA in Manila, Announce Listing on

In an unprecedented collaboration, the world's leading game creators have come together to launch CRETA, a groundbreaking multiverse gaming entertainment platform. The much-anticipated CRETA token will be listed on the local cryptocurrency exchange starting July 8.

The announcement was made by Thomas Vu, executive producer of the global phenomenon League of Legends and Netflix's Emmy-winning series Arcane, alongside Ray Eiichiro Nakazato, a former vice president at Electronic Arts Japan Studio and senior manager at Microsoft Japan Game Studios. The media conference took place at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City.

“Oftentimes, when you see people build ecosystems, it’s piecemeal. With CRETA, our team has been really thoughtful and strategic about building all the pieces together harmoniously, and I think that connective tissue is really important. It's designed to be ubiquitous in all these different ways, and I suspect that it's going to catch a lot of people off guard,” said Vu.

The team behind CRETA includes a roster of veteran producers and developers: Kay Youn, CEO of CRETA affiliate CCR and lead developer of the iconic game Fortress; Yoshiki Okamoto, the legendary developer behind Street Fighter 2 and Monster Strike; Joohyung Jang, the game producer of iconic titles like Lineage and Aion; and Nakazato, Chief Creative Officer and Head of Japan. Their combined expertise ensures that CRETA will deliver a next-generation gaming experience on a decentralized metaverse platform.

CRETA is designed to empower both gamers and professional game studios, offering Web3 games and new gaming services. The platform implements S2E (Share to Earn), blending user video sharing with P2E (Play to Earn) and C2E (Create to Earn) features. This integrated approach aims to create a seamless experience for all users.

Nakazato highlighted the platform’s unique features during his presentation, stating, “Within the CRETA ecosystem, any game can use our social media features. For instance, when you press the start button, our social media can pop up within the game. You don't need Discord anymore; it's all in one integrated environment.”

He further elaborated on the benefits of CRETA’s blockchain technology, “Another key differentiation for CRETA is its use of the low-cost blockchain, Locus Chain. It’s a very fast and scalable blockchain developed over seven years by our technology engineers who have been making games for 20 years. This ensures the platform is cost-effective and sustainable.”

One of the most exciting features of CRETA is its proprietary Game Creation Engine, which allows users to develop their own games. This tool empowers creators to publish and distribute their creations as NFTs, fostering a community of innovative and independent game developers.

Additionally, Nakazato announced the upcoming release of the Super Club, a gaming and Web 3.0 social media and community platform, set to launch in late July. This platform aims to enhance social interactions and community engagement within the gaming world.

Nakazato emphasized the company's ambitious vision, stating, “There are 3 billion gamers in the world now, but Web3 is very small [in comparison]. So we’re not trying to target Web3 gamers - we are trying to change the entire gaming industry.”

About Creta

Creta is a pioneering metaverse game platform company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It is composed of top-tier global developers, publishers, and blockchain experts. Creta's leadership includes renowned figures such as Ray Nakazato, a game expert and entrepreneur with experience at Microsoft Japan Game Studios and Electronic Arts Japan Studio; Thomas Vu, the visionary game producer of League of Legends; Alexander Harutyunyan, former CEO of European game publisher INNOVA; Seokho Yoon, creator of Korea’s beloved game Fortress; Joohyung Jang, the game producer behind iconic titles like Lineage and Aion; and Yoshiki Okamoto, the legendary developer behind Street Fighter 2 and Monster Strike. With strong backing from key industry figures and a bold vision for the future, Creta is poised to become the central platform for the next era of digital entertainment and interactive media.

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