Belo Essentials, a Better Brand of Anti-perspirant Deodorant

I like the variety of classic deodorants or antiperspirants in the market today. They are effective in protecting me from sweat and odor, but when I got to try Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-perspirant Deodorant, I realized that there is a better brand out there. 

What makes this product special than the other well-known brands? 

The first thing that caught me is its smell, so feminine. It doesn't smell like the usual anti-perspirants. Second, it does not cause irritation on my skin. Alcohol is a proven protection against germs but this deo is alcohol -free yet it provides me more than 24 hours of protection; and since it contains no alcohol, it effectively whitens underarms.

This product is really a revolutionary anti-perspirant deodorant because unlike others, it whitens and controls darkening before it starts. With just 4 wipes per underarm daily, it will surely minimize pores and will soothe skin from plucking and shaving. I don't pluck but I do shave, that's why I really love using this product.

One more thing, this product has an expiration date, you can be so sure you get the best protection!

This is available in roll-on and spray with two scents - original and shower fresh.

Whitening Anti Perspirant Deo Spray (140ml) - Php 184.75
Whitening Anti Perspirant Deo Roll On  (40ml) - Php 92.75

Know more about Belo Essentials on their FB page :

For those outside the Philippines, who want to try this product, don't worry, it's available in Amazon:

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