What are the responsibilities of the Vice-President of the Philippines?

When I started exercising my right to vote, I thought that the role of a Vice-President of the Philippines may not be as important as that of the President and the law makers. When there is already a President to rule the entire nation and law makers to protect the rights of the Filipino people, what else is left for the Vice-President? Now that the election period is heating up even hotter than the weather nowadays, I started to wonder, what really is the role of the Vice-President?

I have learned that the function of the Vice-President of this country is classified into 5;

1. Executive function - the VP has to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed.

2. Ceremonial function - the VP meets with the representatives of the foreign government. He/she represents the Philippine government in official gatherings and receives foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, foreign investors, and other foreign officials.

3. Advisory function - the VP has an important role in the formulation of policies in the implementation of government programs and projects.

4. Constituency function - the VP consults with local executives, lends support to their programs and extends financial assistance to them.

        5. Administrative function - the VP sees to it that the resources of the Office of the VicePresident are efficiently used to attain the goals and objectives of the office.

A Vice-President definitely has a vital role in nation building, not just a substitute official when the President is out of the country or when the President is no longer fit for the position. Among the VPresidentiables, I find Leni Robredo the most credible among them all. She is a breath of fresh air in the politics and definitely what she wants to offer is purely service. I believe Leni's experience as Representative, Lawyer and social-activist and her being a champion in transparency is enough for her to perform the executive, advisory, constituency and administrative function well if ever elected. Her tenure of office might not be that long but she already proposed, co-authored and passed bills that are essential not only to her constituents but to the majority of the Filipino people. She is the sponsor of the Freedom of Information act, which will strengthen the right of citizens to information held by the government. She has been a strong supporter of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, which is designed to seek peace and development to Mindanao. She is one of the primary authors of the Tax Incentives Transparency bill. She believes that the burden of paying income tax should be put upon those who can afford it. Her extensive experience in the grassroots sets her apart from the other candidates. This is a proof that Leni has the heart for the poor who are in the "laylayan" of our society.

Ceremonial function is just an easy thing for her. She is a smart and decent woman who can face foreign officials with confidence, poise, grace and humbleness. I believe she can impress foreign dignitaries with her different perspective of life and politics.

Her humble beginnings and simple lifestyle are proof that she is not hungry for power, nor seeking authority for her advantage. Her dreams and aspirations are driven by her passion for service. She always tell people to live simply and she practices what she preaches - from being a bus commuter to being a hands-on mother while being a public servant. She has promised to continue the path that leads to the country's economical development so the poor as well, will feel the on-going progress but also accepted the fact the cabinet needs new faces. It's about time to put another honorable woman on one of the top government positions, and yes #LeniIsMyVP!!

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