A heartwarming story of an OFW family that you'll surely relate with

Once in our lifetime, we were judged by the things we've done in the past. We were criticized by the mistakes we've had when we were young. But our life goes on, and we have had our own ways of moving on. We learned from our experiences and those criticisms and judgements made us smarter in dealing with life. Then, one day, the nightmares of our past life become the rocks that serve as strong foundation through our success...

Here is a story of the youngest son in the family who is always criticized by his father for not having this and that. His father always thought that he missed a lot of good opportunities in his life and that he never learned about life, but when they get home, his father realized that he has been smart enough. His investment in Lancris Residences is a treasure because the place perfectly defines a home - a place where the family dwells with harmony, security and convenience...

Let's take a peek of the short film, and discover how Lancris Residences, reunited the heart of a father and a son upon homecoming...


This actually reminds me of my OFW cousin who has been a brother to me. Whenever he comes home, he never forgets to give me my favorite Marks & Spencer lotion although I don't ask for it. The family of his fiancee' was always criticizing him for not having jewelries, high-end gadgets and many other material things, but what they don't realize is that my cousin was preparing for something that will give him, his wife-to-be and their kids-to-be a better and secure future.

Let's not be easy to judge someone based on what we see from him or her, let's dig deeper into the personality of the person. Let's always give them the chance to change and be better, have faith in them, because sometimes we don't know who they really are and what they are capable of achieving...

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