Catalogue Shopping for People with Bad Credit History

If you recently ran into a financial problem and your credit rating is not that good, you must feel that you wouldn’t be able to go shopping anytime soon. While shopping might not be ideal if you are still financially recovering, it is still vital that you maintain some credit in your financial transactions. It’s a good that there are websites that offer shopping catalogues for people with bad credit.

How does it work?
Basically catalogue shopping runs like any other shopping store online. They offer a variety of items for sale, usually bundled together by prize, category or gift idea, like a “catalogue”. They are almost likely presented as such also.

What makes catalogue shopping different from other online stores is their payment options. You have the following choices:

1. You can opt to pay outright.
2. You can opt to spread the cost or pay monthly. This is easily done by opening a credit account with them. You don’t have to have good credit standing to be approved. If you have a bad credit rating, you will still most likely to get approved for a small amount.
3. Take advantage of the “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature. Similar to what credit companies usually offer their customers, catalogue shoppers can also take advantage of this offer – again, by opening a credit line on finance with the shopping site.

How do you apply?
It is fairly easy to apply for one. You can apply online and submit the requirements from there as well. You must have a regular income, and an active bank account. You must also be able to provide proofs of your identity, residence and income. There is usually no credit check involved and those who apply usually get approved shortly after applying.

A note before applying
When you apply for a credit line with them, take note that you can only use it for shopping with them, not necessarily with other stores. And while this may be limiting for you, take advantage of this opportunity to improve your credit standing. This credit line is not an opportunity to blow your budget and get into debt again but earn positive points for your credit rating. Re-establishing your financial standing also means reevaluating your spending habits and this should be a time to apply whatever lessons you have learned from being in debt. Buy only what you need and can afford to pay on time. This is very important. You need to show you are capable of paying a certain amount on time each month to amp up your credit score.

Once you improve your credit standing, you can apply for other standard credit cards. It will also open up opportunities for you to avail of catalogue credit cards with higher limits. All these will help you improve your credit rating and re-establish your trust ranking. So take advantage of credit card catalogues, it’s hitting two birds with one stone – letting you shop for essentials and letting you improve your credit score.


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