Kids' Health & Safety : How can you effectively protect your children even when you're not around?

The school year has officially started amidst pandemic and mothers will also start to worry about their children—their performance in school, bullies, grades, conduct and of course, germs.

Let’s face it—germs are everywhere. They are present in almost all places and your child’s school is not an exception. From pencils, desks, notebooks, lunch boxes - these surfaces can unknowingly cause germs to spread and infect children easily. Moreover, your child can bring these germs to your own home, infecting the rest of your family.

When the weather starts to become unpredictable and rain has become more frequent, additional challenges for all mothers arise this season. Not only will you have to get your children used to the demands of school, you also need to worry about keeping them safe, dry, and free from many common illnesses especially when you are not with them. With your children exposed to more disease-causing germs, you have to know what you are up against.

Schools can be a hotbed of all kinds of microorganisms. PAMET conducted an experiment to identify what kind and how many germs children came into contact within a school. They found:

3,240,000 Staphylococcus bacteria were detected on the school desk, and 94,000 Influenza germs on books and notebooks. 100,000 Streptococcus bacteria were counted on the handrail of the stairs.

On the monkey bars, 250,000 Hepatitis bacteria may cause infection during playtime. 2,000,000 E. Coli and 1,000,000 Shigella Bacteria were identified on the toilet.

As mothers, you can protect your children from disease-causing germs this school and rainy season with a soap that can provide superior skin germ protection, only from the brand trusted by moms and health experts alike, Safeguard. With so many things on your plate and worrying about your child when he is in school, Safeguard helps in giving you one less thing to worry about—protection of your child from germs.

Safeguard has Germshield+ Technology, that removes three kinds of germs (gram positive, gram negative and fungi) which can cause skin infections, body odor and pimples. In contrast, other soaps can only remove gram-positive germs, which mainly cause body odor.

Before heading to school, make sure your children bathe with Safeguard Pure White Body Wash which not only removes germs but also prevents the regrowth of germs, all while maintaining the skin’s natural germ barrier so that germs do not stick easily. Also, the formula is as gentle as water and is dermatologically tested to ensure that it keeps the skin soft.

Wash your hands regularly with Safeguard, especially after using the toilet, before eating and, and after playing. Just remember STEP.

Have the peace of mind you deserve by making Safeguard your best partner in protecting your children.

Are you ready to protect your family this season? What do you promise to do to ensure your children enjoy and explore while keeping them safe and healthy?

What are your back-to-school and rainy season resolutions in mind? Care to share!

1 comment:

Sam Aguilar said...

For me trusted ko lang tlga ang Safeguard! Effectively safe tlga!

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