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New Jersey is not just a place boasting with rich natural resources. It is the United State's 4th smallest state yet one of the wealthiest. Having a balance of nature and technology, this is one spot that tourists from the local and international scene would love to visit.   

Tourism is the primary source of New Jersey's booming economy. But nowadays, leisure and entertainment is also contributing to the wealth of the state. Thanks to the 1976 referendum which legalized casino gambling in New Jersey. Now, it is not only Las Vegas that is known for mega-casino resorts; even New Jersey is now home to several casinos which attracted more tourists from all over the globe.  

In 2013, another milestone happened for New Jersey when online gambling was signed into law. Now, different types and kinds of online casinos were established all around the state.  

Online gambling also known as internet gambling, is a form of gambling using the internet. Online gambling has many forms such as poker - wherein players play against each other rather than the "house;" casinos - which is played against the "house;" sports betting - which is a game of predicting the sports results; bingo; lotteries - which are normally controlled by the government; horse racing betting; mobile gambling - which is a game of chance played in a mobile device; in-play gambling - which is a king of sports betting that allows the player to bet while the event is in progress; and advance deposit wagering - wherein the bettor funds his account first before he can place his bet.

One of the online gambling that is now paving its way to the state's gaming industry is the slot casino New Jerseyknown as SugarHouse Online Casino. One of its newest games is the Guns n Roses video slot which is perfect for anyone who simply wants to rock, roll and win prizes online. This new game is full of exciting new features such as random multiplayer up to 10 times and the multi-awarded bonus wheel. 

SugarHouse also introduced King Cash, a new online casino which gives away a lot of generous bonuses and rewards. When you sign up via the site and play, King Cash will award you with wheel spin of $10-$20 guaranteed free play. Just recently on King Cash's Treasure Hunt, a total prize of $50,000 was given away to lucky players. 

There are more games that you will love and enjoy playing via the SugarHouse. Answer the call of the wild and play Jungle Games. Play the Lucky Angler : Snowy Catch to beat the heat. Experience circus like Cirque du Soleil in Kooza. For the lovers of Twilight, there's Blood Suckers to play with and win. These and more games that suit your interests and gaming styles can be discovered from the King Cash Casino. 

Another feature that players will surely love is the SugarHouse chat functionality. You can shout for joy online and share your feelings of excitement or just enjoy having friendly conversations with likeminded individuals playing online, through chatrooms. 

Wait there's more! SugarHouse is taking your online playing experience to the next level with the iRush Rewards. iRush Rewards members will get to enjoy more rewards at SugarHouse Casino and escalated online rewards. The iRush is also giving the members guaranteed bingo events and multiplied prize winnings to complimentary cruises and playing devices.  

Online gambling nowadays is not just a game. It is also a form of entertainment, through those colorful platforms and different types and kinds of online games that can be played alone or with family or friends.  SugarHouse is one of the most entertaining and rewarding online casinos. They regularly give back to the players through bonuses and big time prizes and rewards.  

For more updates and better and bigger deals, visit SugarHouse Facebook page.


We Are Not Martha said...


LC @ A Life of Authenticity said...

I'm familiar with the Atlantic City in NJ but wasn't aware of this new line of business. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hmmm I didn't know about this. Thanks so much for sharing I appreciate it.

Niki McNeill said...

Wow! I didn't know that NJ was the 4th smallest state but also one of the wealthiest. I don't play online games but this one sounds cool.

Blair Villanueva said...

This is a nuce pasttime after busy and stresful work. A tension release way :)

Unknown said...

This does sound fun for those who enjoy gambling. Thanks for sharing.
I need this in my kitchen! I like the price point and the color.

Unknown said...

This does sound fun for those who enjoy gambling. Thanks for sharing.

Like, Wutever said...

I've never been to New Jersey. I'm not a gambler myself but it sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Simply Tasheena said...

First time hearing about this. I'm a little familiar with New Jersey. Sounds like a good opportunity.

AP Power Fit said...

Never knew all this about NJ! Thanks for sharing. :)
Alicia P

Agnes Dela Cruz said...

Bingo is my kind of game and learning that it can be played online simply the best because I can access it anytime of the day.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I haven't ever gambled before. I'd be nervous that I'd lose too much. But one day I might try it with $20 and see what happens.

Purposeful Habits said...

I have never gambled and dont think I ever would but can see how it can be appealing as entertainment for some.

Anosa said...

I am not a fan of gambling not even online but I know friends who do and they quite enjoy it.

Jade Braham said...

I don't gamble and don't plan to in the future but I get why it becomes addictive!

Anonymous said...

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