#OnlyOneTutuban 1000-peso Challenge

Where can your Php1,000.00 budget take you? What can we take home out of it? If we are going to spend it to a well-known mall or shopping center with the family consisting of the parents and 2 kids, that amount is only good for a decent meal or two.

For Moms like me who are always stretching the budget, we would always want to get the most out of a thousand-peso. Thinking of where to spend my one thousand peso budget, I head over to Tutuban. On my way to Tutuban Shopping Center, I was thinking of what the place has in store for me. The picture of Tutuban in my mind was that place selling mostly of beautiful and affordable night gowns and accessories. I remember the black velvet evening gown I bought for our Christmas party in a hotel wayback 2007. That gown still looks stunning although I only bought that piece for only Php900.00.

I am aware that Tutuban is now under a new management and that there has been a lot of renovations made for years, so I really hoped to find more affordable and useful stuff around the mall.

I was surprised to see the new Tutuban Center with not just isles for the vendors of fashion items, home essentials and toys and party needs. The main building is now a place for foodies where there are a lot of restaurants and food stalls offering different food choices. But one thing remained in Tutuban- you still can haggle with the vendors to get a good bargain.

So what have I bought with my Php1,000.00 pesos? I first went to the toy vendors and got this toy car and rubber basketball for my two boys. The ball originally costs P67.00 but I bought it for only P60.00 while the toy car which is a foot long and 4 inches wide costs P50.00.

It's back-to-school so I looked for some stuff that my kids would be needing daily. For my teenage daughter, I bought her this cotton underwear for P50.00 each. 

For my 8 year old son I bought him 3 pieces of undergarment (sando). Each costs P69.00 each but I only bought it for P200.00, I saved P7.00.

Another sulit-buy I got were the socks which costs P25.00 each. I bought 4 pairs for my 2 students.

There is a store on the third floor selling different types and kinds of pots.

For my hobby, I bought these square pots for P26.00 each and the lavender pots for P18.00 each.

For the household, I got these two large bowls for P40.00 each.

I still have few hundreds of peso left, so I stroll around and found out that National Bookstore and Watson's have branches inside the shopping center. So I spent my remaining peso with some school supplies:

and some grooming essentials and sweet treat which I consumed while heading back home.

The Tutuban one-thousand-peso challenge proved that our one-thousand peso can still go a long way if we will just be a wise shopper. At Tutuban Center, your P1,000.00 can get you to buy things for the whole family, both needs and some wants. So Moms and Dads, since it's back-to-school, I encourage you to spend your hard earned money wisely. At Tutuban Center, you'll find everything you need from the household, to your hobbies and OOTD's, school supplies, basic clothing needs, daily consumables and more at lower or discounted prices.

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