Novelina hair products review

Coloring your hair can be fun and exciting. It has advantages too. Trying a new shade or revitalizing natural tones can make you look and feel totally different!

Although I am not really into hair colors and hair treatments, I at least, do even for once in a while to experience something new; especially during the holidays such as Christmas and the New Year when we need to do our hair for us to look more presentable to parties and reunions.

Which is why when I got this package from Novelina during this Yuletide season, it excited me because it contains hair color in black and in crimson red shades and a hair and scalp treatment. With these, I can color and treat my hair at the comfort of my home. No need to brave heavy traffic, no need to spend lots of money plus I can do my own thing, I can be the boss and do what I really want to my hair.

Before we proceed to my product review, let us first find out what Novelina is.
Novelina is an industry leader in the production of powder and cream hair color, manufacturing leading brands being marketed around the world.

Novelina’s line of hair products includes Zeelke powder hair color, Zeelke cream hair color and Colorlock Shampoo – in hair color. These products come in herbal and non-herbal variants.
Novelina’s products also include Hair & Scalp Treatment and the Stellar Hair Lightening Spray.
All these are Japanese formulation manufactured using quality ingredients.

Novelina likewise recently launched its new skincare line… Your skin’s new best friend!
These are the Novelina Ultra Lightening Soap, Facial Wash, Instant Lightening Lotion, High Potency Anti-Aging Cream and the Advanced Sunscreen – SPF 80. Powered by Tres Blanche, an expertly blended skin whitener that has 10x more lightening power than Kojic Acid and Gluthatione, the master anti-oxidant. Further enriched with Snail Serum and Collagen, known for Anti-Aging and healing properties plus natural bioactives as pollution shield. There are facial masks too. Allura for Skin Lightening, Deep Sea Collagen for hydrating and moisturizing. Coenzyme Q-10 for anti-aging and Clarity for detoxifying and exfoliating.

So what's inside my Novelina bag?

The bag contains 200ml bottle of Hair and Scalp Treatment, a box of Zeelke Cream Hair Color, and a box of Zeelke Herbal Powder hair Color.

Novelina Zeelke Cream hair Color contains a bottle of cream developer, a tube of hair color in Crimson Red shade, a shampoo-conditioner sachet, a plastic head cap and a pair of plastic gloves; while the Zeelke Herbal Powder Hair Color contains a bottle of 6 grams of powder hair color in black, a hairbrush, and a plastic glove.

My hair is already color treated so I first tried the hair and scalp treatment to see how it works with mine. This product repairs and rejuvenates dry, brittle or damaged hair. This product might be perfect for my heavily damaged hair due to frequent brushing and ironing it went through when I joined a beauty pageant 2 months ago.

The cream is really thick so I need not apply too much to my hair. It effectively softened my hair after rinsing, also I did not feel heaviness although the cream is thick. I think it doesn't contain too much perfume because it is not as fragrant as the usual hair creams on the market today. I actually don't like the smell upon application but the smell did not linger to my hair after rinsing, just natural smelling hair. So if you prefer fragrant creams, this might not appeal to you but its performance is good and I will continue using it to achieve the best results.

The next product I tried is the cream hair color. I like it because it is a DIY hair color. The box is a complete set which contains a bottle of cream developer, a 60g bottle of hair color in crimson red, a 10ml shampoo-conditioner sachet, a comb with a hairbrush, a plastic head cap and a pair of plastic gloves.

It's so easy and convenient to use, I just squeezed the hair color inside the bottle of cream developer mixed it well, then I applied it to the hair using the brush. I covered the hair with the shower cap and rinsed after 30 mins. My first application failed because the color is almost unnoticeable. Maybe because the cream and the hair color wasn't mixed properly. So I shook the mixture again several times until I didn't see white cream anymore inside the bottle. I then re-apply the mixture and do everything all over again. At last, I saw a little change in the shade of the hair.

Actual application of cream hair color in crimson red

I was not satisfied with the color I obtained. I was expecting a reddish shade but it instead produced a brownish shade. But then, I actually applied only a small amount of mixture on a certain part of the hair. Maybe I could expect a more colorful shade once I applied more of the mixture to the hair. So I would suggest, if you're gonna use this product, apply an ample amount of mixture onto the hair to achieve the right shade.

For the last product, which is the herbal powder hair color; I still have to find out if it works well. I still can't use it to my color treated hair so I am still looking for someone I can apply it to especially those with grey hair. But if there is one reason that would make me try this product is because it is made from natural ingredients. This herbal powder hair color must be safer, also it does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Ammonia is an extremely hazardous substance with an irritating smell. It is being used in hair color in order to bust through the hair cuticle to deposit color. A consequence of this action is damage to the hair cuticle that ultimately degrades the hair's structural integrity. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, is mixed in hair color because it is good in dyeing the hair but it makes the hair structure brittle and it strips its natural luster.

Overall, Novelina for me is a very nice brand. It is a Japanese brand - we can be sure it is safe and it undergoes clinical tests and approval for safety. These products which are almost like magic in a box, tube, or bottle can be the next big hit in the market for the convenience it gives to the customers.


Unknown said...

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