Funtastic International Inc. and Cool Kids - Earth-loving-planet-saving brands of toys and bags

Parents might think sometimes, how essential are toys for the kids? Well for me, it is essential because it is the kids' way to unwind, to relax or to learn. While we adults need and enjoy some moments of relaxation, so our children do. It's not at all times that they want to play with other kids, sometimes they also want to be alone with toys which they also consider as friends. But let's admit, not all toys are good for the kids. Some toys contain harmful substances, some toys are too breakable, some doesn't really contribute to our kids development but rather  harm them. Another woe most parents encounter when buying toys is the price.There are a lot of learning toys in the market today that are helpful to our kids growth and skills development but their price is too high.

But do you know that there's a local toy and bag company that distributes toys, bags and accessories that are not only affordable but are also of high-quality?

Funtastic International Inc which was founded in 1999, is home to a lot of toys, bags and accessories that are of great quality and design but at a pricing that the masses could afford. They started with toys, which later grew into bags, foot wears and accessories. Now, they started branding their toys and launched their own line of fashion bags for all ages. Their products are designed in-house then manufactured outside of the country.

In 2007, Funtastic International Inc. launched Cool Kids. Cool Kids is the only brand of kids products that teaches the kids on how to care for the environment. Cool Kids consists of 18 different characters. The brand has its own princesses, robots, cars, fairies and the likes; and each of these characters has their own role to play in teaching kids of environmental care - Speedy, the car, fights smoke belchers; the princesses advocate cleanliness; fairies advocate tree planting.

Cool Kids also offers a new line of “FUN-tabulous” School bags and accessories. The new line of affordable, good quality school bags features the different characters of the Cool Kids friends; Royal Princesses, Glam Girlz, Forest Fairies, Viron Transformer, Earth (Geobot), Air (Aerobot) and Water (Aquabot) robots, and Space rangers to name a few.

Cool Kids has also launched a brand new line of amazing dough toys through Creadough by Cool Kids. This creative line of dough toys brings out the imagination and creativity in children and allows them to use their hands to explore, imagine and create amazing shapes and images.

Another new range of toys to look forward to is Zigo by Cool Kids. The Zigo line of blocks not only brings out the creative juices of our little ones, they actually help prepare children to be future engineers and architects. Every kid at one time or the other has played with blocks to bring out the best of their imagination and creativity. With Zigo competitively priced, parents do not need to spend a lot to provide their children with this wholesome deal of fun and creative building.

According to Mr. Rex Daryanani, President of Funtastic International Inc,; the company admits that plastics are not good for the environment. Unfortunately, there is no material to replace plastics, so as they do business they also give back by teaching people to take care of the planet. In every packaging, there are essential environmental tips which kids can read and which will soon develop into their mindset. A portion of the company's revenue will always go to environmental care such as tree planting.

In 2013, they launched Baby Bliss also under the Cool Kids brand. These are colorful, interactive, educational baby toys. Its packaging features baby developmental guide which helps parents understand how the toy is going to promote the development of their babies or kids. They have partnered with a child psychologist who reviews every Baby Bliss product so we can be sure every product is safe and beneficial for our little ones.

For Back to School 2017, Cool Kids has launched a brand new line of fashion bags for our little “fashionistas” and fashion forward buddies who want to follow the footsteps of their older siblings. Made of amazing quality materials, Cool Kids bags is the perfect companion of our children in school.

Funtastic International has also launched for Back to School 2017 its newest line of bags for High School and College kids as well as for adults through Latitude. Latitude is a brand that removes all limits and allows you to express yourself. Made of excellent quality materials, this fashion forward line of bags takes the user to a whole new level of experience given the amazing features of these bags both inside and out.

To see more of Funtastic International Inc.'s state-of-the-art products visit:


Chin chin said...

This is the first time I've heard about funtastic international inc. It is good to have more affordable options when buying toys. I will check out creadough. My Angel loves to play with clay.

acodeza said...

WOW that place looks spacious and got affordable items for our little ones. One of the good things that they offer is teaching the kids on how to care for the environment. Funtastic International is a must visit for moms like me

Passions of a SAHM said...

true sis arra! soon they will be launching their ecommerce site where we can check out items from the store and have it delivered to our doorsteps =)

Passions of a SAHM said...

Creadough has the same quality as the well-known brands of modelling clays but the price is way way cheaper

Mrs. Molon said...

My son will surely enjoy this toy haven. Thinking of checking this one out with him.

Mrs. Molon said...

My son will surely enjoy this toy haven. Thinking of checking this one out with him.

Mrs. Molon said...

My son will surely enjoy this toy haven. Thinking of checking this one out with him.

Janice said...

This is the first time I'm hearing about this brand. Looks like they really have a lot of great stuff for kids. My kids will go crazy in their store!

Mrs. Chubs said...

Wow this is kid's heaven!

Louisa said...

My youngest would have a field day here. So may toys and things to see. I hadn't heard about this brand till now and was surprised to see they were established in 1999. Will definitely check this out.

Mommy Maye said...

Tamang tama ito this coming June. The place looks neat and organize. Ang sarap mamili for sure. My son will love it there for sure.

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