Dilmah, the Freshest and Finest Tea from Sri Lanka

I am a coffee-lover, and sometimes I over-drink.

Coffee has been a part of my meal. I feel relaxed, satisfied and full once I drank a hot cup of it any time of the day. Although aware of the harm from too much drinking of it, I just shrug off for as long as it satisfies my cravings; but lately, I felt palpitations and acid in my stomach. Afraid that it might be serious, I lessen caffeine intake and replaced it with tea. But I must admit, tea doesn't satisfy me like coffee does.

Until one day, I got to taste Dilmah tea on one of the events I attended. It has a very exciting aroma, which calms the senses. It tastes really fresh and pure. It is very different from the usual tea bags that can be bought from the supermarkets.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite Dilmah tea variants.

The Original Earl Grey

The original Earl Grey black tea with flavor has a rich and strong Ceylon brew. It is enhanced with the oil of Bergamot. I love to drink this flavor in the afternoon when I feel already tired and I feel my energy is exhausted. The kick of black tea refreshes my senses to make me feel re-energized.

Pure Chamomile Flowers with Herb Infusion

The Pure Chamomile Flowers variant has a soothing aroma and very delicate flavor. Chamomile, as we all know, is a gentle and relaxing herb, and this variant is best enjoyed before bedtime.

Pure Peppermint Leaves

The Pure Peppermint Leaves variant has a very strong taste of fresh and fine peppermint. The natural peppermint oil in the leaves imparts a menthol aroma and a zest to the infusion of the leaf, making this a cooling beverage. The infusion of peppermint leaves with a touch of honey is an ideal palate cleanser and effective in rehydration; especially useful for hangovers. Peppermint is known to aid digestion that's why this tea is best taken after a meal.

Brilliant Breakfast

The Brilliant Breakfast, as the name suggests, is best for breakfast. This is a black tea that has a very light taste which you can mix with milk to make it more flavorful.

Another thing that I love about Dilmah tea, it is environment-friendly. Each tea bag, thread, and tag are all biodegradable.

What sets Dilmah teas apart from the other teas in the market today is that each variant is well crafted individually to suit every mood.

To know more about Dilmah Tea, like them on FB - Dilmah Philippines.

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