Why the new Tupper Clean should be your next laundry essential

Doing the laundry is one of the toughest jobs inside the household. Most mothers and house helpers depend on the washing machine to do the job, but let us all accept the fact that washing machines don't clean the clothes thoroughly. Once the machines don't do magic to our clothing, we have no choice but to handwash them; but some laundry detergents and other laundry products are not "user-friendly." Some dry and irritate the skin, worse some don't give us the result we expect although we already used them through handwashing.

I am one of those many people who is always on the look for better laundry products that won't harm the skin, will effectively clean and gently care for the clothes and is of course environment-friendly.

Until I came across Tupperware Brands Philippines line of laundry products - Tupper Clean. Tupper Clean has Laundrymate, a powder detergent and Soft and Clean a brand of fabric softener in 2 variants - lilac fresh scent and classic clean scent.

So why I think these products should be the next laundry essentials? Let me enumerate.

1. The Laundrymate powder detergent has a power of natural enzymes that cuts through tough stains, effectively lifting dirt with ease for fresh and clean laundry. This feature is important so we can save our time to other household chores.

2. With Laundrymate, there is no need for prolonged soaking and repeated rinsing because its ingredients can be easily dissolved and removed from the clothes.

3. Laundrymate is also suitable for both hand and machine wash. Tried it already for handwash and it did not irritate my sensitive skin. Proof that it is not made with harsh ingredients or chemicals. Used it in the washing machine and it cleans whites and colors better than my current brand of commercialized detergent.

4. Laundrymate is Earth-friendly. Its packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

5. Soft and Clean fabric softener on the other hand, really makes the clothes soft and smelling clean and fresh. I personally love the lilac scent because it has a relaxing smell. Also, Soft and Clean does not leave residue on clothes, unlike other brands that I have tried. It is also gentle on the skin and does not irritate. Now I, don't have too much burden ironing the clothes. Some I just fold then put inside the wardrobe because they are not too wrinkled, just need to press by hand.

These new products from Tupperware Brands Philippines are really helpful to busy Moms like me because I am able to save time, energy and of course money. They help me experience a more worry-free laundry, make laundrying now a more enjoyable task inside the household.

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