Why I ran for Sunlife Resolution Run?

The race tracks at the Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City turned to yellow as the Sunlife Resolution Run, an obstacle course with pit stops inspired by diabetes prevention thru a Fit and Well lifestyle; kicked off last January 20, 2018. The race included 500 meter dash for kids and 500 meter walk, 3k, 5k, 10k run for adults. It was joined by running enthusiasts and many Star Magic artists led by none other than Piolo Pascual. 

It was the second race I joined since I promised to myself that being healthy should always be on top of my priorities. I have always enjoyed running eversince I was young. Being a "probinsyana," I never had a problem thinking of where to run because there were hills, mountain, seashore and the plain just seemed never ending in the province.

Here in the metro, organized races is one avenue I saw to pursue my passion in running and at the same time pursue my dreams of staying healthy as I age. There are a lot of "run" being offered but why Sunlife Resolution Run?

I ran with the stars.
Isn't it fun and amazing to see your favorite stars gather into an event and take selfies with them? I may not have had a photo opp with Piolo but I did with a lot of other Star Magic artists. I have had a very nice selfie with Papa P last year anyway and I'm so content with it, no regrets if I didn't have any this time. It was a great feeling to see the stars share the same passion and cause as yours. It was overwhelming how these very busy stars bonded and shared special moments with simple people like I am.

I was with my friends.
A lot of my friends from the media and the blogging community joined the race, so I joined too. The race is never tiring if you're running with friends. We were able to create more fun and exciting memories as we run and as we enjoyed the different activities prepared for the participants especially the 360 video.

The race was for a good cause.
Aside from the the main purpose of every race which is to promote a healthier lifestyle; the Resolution Run aimed at helping fund the education of Piolo Pascual's Hebreo 12:1 Foundation Scholars and the Star Magic Scholars. Other beneficiaries include Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, a non-profit organization for the accessible treatment of cleft lips and cleft palates and the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc.

The race was perfect as every people set their resolutions to start the year right. I hope more and more people will realize the value of health even at their young age. Running and joining races is one of the best and the most interesting ways to get that fit and fab body we all have been wanting for. It feels good to run with other people and the nature. Most of all it is nice to run for advocacy and a good cause; that at the end of every race every running enthusiasts will have that feeling of accomplishment that they have done something good for others in their own way. Let's remember that the purpose of every race is not to see who is the fastest, but who has the most guts. 

"In the end it's your run and yours alone. Others can run it with you but they can't run it for you. Embrace it. Be strong. Keep moving forward."

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