Easy and Effective Way to Hypnotize Somebody

Many people believe hypnotizing someone is difficult and takes years of studying to achieve. This is wrong, however, because all it takes is a small amount of practice to effectively hypnotize someone who is a willing participant.

Time does make you more efficient in the task, but overall it can be done by anybody who knows the proper techniques. Below we show how to do this.

Prior to actual hypnosis, you will want to speak with the other person to determine what they are trying to achieve. Are they trying to quit smoking? Trying to become healthier? Trying to give up alcohol?

Also supply an image or word a person can think of if they feel like things are taking a bad turn of events. When thinking of this item, they will be able to escape hypnosis.

Relaxation & Pacing Statements
Relaxation and pacing statements prepare the body and mind for a state of hypnosis. Relaxation statements should begin at the feet and work their way towards the head. For example, you could begin with “your feet are becoming heavy,” then mention the legs, stomach, chest, shoulders, on up.
Pacing statements are those which a person will automatically say yes to. For example, you could say that they are sitting in the chair or laying on the sofa. You might mention that their eyes are closed, or something else which is obvious.

Count Down
A countdown begins at five and slowly works back towards one, using relaxation statements between each number to further bring the person into a state of hypnosis. An example of this is: “5, your eyes are getting heavier… 4, your body is feeling more relaxed… 3, you feel yourself sinking into the chair…”

Re-Programming the Mind
Now the person is fully relaxed with an open mind, the purpose of hypnotizing is to reprogram thoughts to achieve the goal. You may say that the person will only breathe clean air if they are trying to quit smoking, or perhaps that they will always feel positive and clear-minded if they are giving up drinking.

Remember to not play around when you hypnotize friends. You should never re-program the mind in a way that the other participant is not aware of.

Include some items to help the person feel better in the future. Positive thoughts like, “When you see the color green, you will remember that you only breath clean air,” or “when you see water, you will remember how pride you should be to have given up drinking.”

Bringing Them Out of Hypnosis
Bringing them out of hypnosis is the same as putting them in, only in reverse. You will try to rouse them by starting at one. For example: “1, you are beginning to feel more awake…. 2, you are slowly feeling the weight lifted from your eyes….”

This is an easy, effective method to hypnotize your friends or family members with. It can be a fun party trick, thanks largely to the misconception of difficulty in hypnotization.

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