A taste of all the sweetness—without the guilt!

Everybody knows, for sure, that too much sugar is bad for our bodies. Added sugar, which is present in most of our go-to foods, treats, and beverages, are found to cause some health conditions, such as weight gain, diabetes, and heart diseases, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cutting on sugar intake, a key to optimum health
For Denise Laurel, a celebrity mom with two kids, cutting out on sugar is key to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, not just for herself but also for her family. 

 “Of course added sugars are delicious—who doesn’t love it. I was into it before and, I experienced, first-hand, its negative effect. Now, I’m always trying to manage the sugar intake of my family. I make sure that our consumption is very minimal, if not zero,” Denise added.

Nikka Garcia, another celebrity mom and blogger, couldn’t agree more. She said that being a mom, you must always be on the look-out for what your kids eat as they are more prone to being predisposed to foods full of added sugars. She noted that with her love of drinking coffee and making fruit drinks for her kids, cutting-out on the added sugar is a huge benefit for the family. 

“When it comes to my kids, I make sure that what I give them is beneficial for their health. However, at times you can’t help but put some sweetener so your children will like the food they eat,” Nikka added. 

The WHO recommends less than 10 percent of an adult’s calories per day, which translates to 2,000 calories only. Of that, less than 5 percent should come from added sugars, which is about 25 grams per day. To easily understand this, the American Heart Association (AHA), said that women should consume about 25 grams (6 teaspoons) only, while men about 38 grams (9 teaspoons) and only between 12 to 25 grams (3 to 6 teaspoons) for children. 

To reduce their sugar intake, these celebrity moms are always on the lookout for alternative sweeteners to provide their family all the goodness of sweet treats without the guilt and health concerns. 

Bringing a sweet exchange
When looking for an alternative sugar, Laurel and Garcia noted that naturally-derived  is still the best option. This include sweeteners made with Stevia, a natural substitute for sugar, derived from the leaves of a small perennial green shrub.

Stevia plant has shown medicinal properties that are anti-diarrheal, anti-tumor, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory actions. Scientific evidences also show that Stevia is best for indications, such as reducing high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

A new sweetener, on the other hand, combined the goodness of Stevia with Inulin, a natural soluble dietary fiber from a chicory plant that promotes digestive health. Inulin acts as food for the beneficial bacteria in the colon. Studies suggest that Inulin relieves constipation, promotes weight loss, and helps control blood sugar levels.

This alternative sweetener is called SweetVia, the latest addition to the offerings of Santé, a provider of premier organic health and wellness products and services. With its natural ingredients, SweetVia does not only sweeten your beverage as it also provides health benefits.  
Sweetener for Sweet Recipes 
For Celebrity Chef Mom RoseBud Benitez, sugar is a basic necessity when creating sweet treats. However, she noted that one must not only limit on guilt- sweets at all, and that there is a better, healthier sugar substitute for people who like the sweet-rush without the unwanted health risks.

“Whenever I’m creating a dish, I always try to make it something delicious and healthy. And of course, when it comes to sweet recipes, a sweetener is very much needed; this is where the alternatives, like SweetVia, come in. It does the job, as a real sugar substitute, providing sufficient sweetness. But for me, I prefer using the sweetener that comes with additional health-benefits, making my kids love my recipes even more,” added Benitez.

Not for Health Buffs 
For Nikki Torres, a noted yoga instructor and health and fitness blogger, the added sugar in one’s diet is a no-no for fitness enthusiasts. According to, excessive sugar intake feed the bad bacteria in the body, making us feel unwell and risking us of developing illnesses. 

“Added sugar is one of the common food components that we must limit ourselves with.  I always try to zero-in on it because it makes me perform poorly and makes me feel sick.  But with sweeteners like SweetVia, I do not need to scrimp on sweetness and I can indulge myself guilt-free, for I am sure that I am feeding myself with an organic supplement that does my body great in overall well-being, “added Torres.

Aside from its natural ingredients that give health benefits, SweetVia is also ideal for weight management. It also does not increase sugar levels, making it an ideal replacement for your usual sweeteners for a healthy lifestyle.

SweetVia is just one of the many products that Santé offers to help improve the quality of life around the world. The company has been providing premier organic health and wellness products and services with Santé Barley at its core. Barley grass is an effective antioxidant, rich with vitamins and minerals that not only detoxifies the body but also aids in digestive health.
To know more about Santé, its product offerings, and other upcoming events, visit its official FB Page at www.facebook.com/pg/Santéofficial.ph or its website at www.Santébarley.com/ph.

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