The Stories Place promotes the beauty of being in the moment

Better stories happen when you connect yourself less from the online world.

The internet, social media, mobile apps are not just accessories in our everyday life. They are already part of our lifestyle and our daily life is incomplete without any of them. 

But sometimes, it feels good to disconnect from the world wide web, especially when things and the virtual environment started to get toxic, stressful and frustrating.

Let's disconnect to connect.

One day, together with some of my friends from the industry; we visited the heritage town of Pila, Laguna because we heard of a nice place to chill, relax, unwind, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

It was a long travel but not boring although it was raining hard because along the way we saw a lot of fruit vendors, old churches and houses and the majestic view of Mt. Banahaw.

When we reached our destination, The Stories Place; our sleepy and gloomy afternoon turned into an exciting one, not just because of the mouth-watering snacks that were served, but also due to the very serene ambiance of the store and the hospitality of the owners and staff.

No WI-FI, just U and I

The Stories Place aims to give more bonding moments to families and friends minus the internet. They believe that when diners are "in the moment" and there are no distractions from the internet, they create better stories and memories that last a lifetime.

Me, of course, being on social media and blogging, can't go offline for long, but the store helped me be myself for some time; know my companion better even for a while and feel more positive about my life for a moment because of limited connection from my mobile data.

Something cold for the cold weather

I would like to share also that apart from the more beautiful stories that you can share with your companion because there's no WI-FI, you will also have more time to indulge in their mouth-watering dishes.

They have hot and cold beverages, pancakes, sandwiches, pasta, all-day breakfast, and desserts. The owners are very hands-on when choosing the right ingredients for each dish so you can be sure they are not just delicious but are of good quality. They use local produce and organic products as much as possible. 

Beef and Cheese Nachos - Php110

That was the first time I tasted a lemonade with cucumber and nata de coco on top. It was better and more refreshing than the usual lemonade in the malls, with a little surprise because of the nata.

Cucumber Lemonata (Php75 - Php85)

They also serve fluffy, kid-friendly pancakes. Whether you like it a little fancy and colorful or a bit healthy - they're ready to serve any for you.

Banana Caramel


Apart from the Lemonata, another cold drink I tried was the Mango Oreo Delight Frappe. This is one of the best-tasting frappes I tried.

Mango Oreo Delight Frappe ( Php65 - 85)

A very popular dessert Banana Spit, cleaned the palate and conclude our meal with delight. I love that the banana is not overripe, it went well with the delectable ice cream.

Banana Split (Php150)

Although the place commits to being a NO WI-FI zone, you'll never get bored while dining. The whole place is instagrammable, it is relaxing because of the green accents, there are books to read and toys or games to enjoy.

I really enjoyed my afternoon by just living in the moment and being aware of the moment I am in, without me being aware that a special reunion would happen between me and one of my highschool BFFs. We met again after 2 decades in this place where exciting stories are bound to happen. Our reunion felt like traveling back in time when we used to dine in a small food shop in the province.

In this lifetime, great love stories and wonderful life stories happen not on social media. Always remember that nothing is more precious than being in the present - fully alive, fully aware. Give yourself a break from the internet, go to places like The Stories Place where you can create moments and experiences that will inspire others.

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