Three Ways to Show your Appreciation

Gratitude is the simplest, most powerful way to acknowledge another person's value and humanity. Any effort - little or big - must be appreciated because from small acts of kindness, comes big transformation over time.

Appreciating people makes them feel good about what they do and that makes a difference in their lives. Appreciation urges them to go on with new vigor, strengthening their relationship with you and with other people around. Thus, an act of gratitude can build a better friendship and camaraderie.

There are a lot of ways to show how much you appreciate an act from someone or from a group of people. Let me share my top three ways of showing it.


Saying "Thank You" is something we all learned as a small child. The simplest yet heartfelt "Thank you" is a nice gesture of appreciation. It might just be a few words, but it can make someone's day. It can inspire others to do good and to spread positivity to the community.

Saying thank you is being kind and in this technology-driven era; still, most people value kindness over money in the workplace or in the community; highlighting the importance of building a collaborative and supportive culture.


Sending a letter of appreciation is a great way to reach out and make others aware of your gratitude for their help. It's a courteous gesture – and also helps increase the likelihood that people will lend you a hand again in the future.

Recently, technology has replaced the necessity of letter writing but technology cannot replace the same sentiments that letter writing can express. There's something magical, wonderful in handwritten letter. It makes lifelong friendships and serves as a placeholder for a moment in time, where you recount memories and establish new ones.

Don't hesitate to give a letter of appreciation, because a lot of people still value personalized thing, something with human touch and has a lot of sentiments that are valued over time.

Gifting or Giving a Treat

Gifting or giving someone a treat for a job well done is showing generosity and thoughtfulness. If you are capable of buying someone a gift as a token of gratitude, please do so; because this is the era where people are being practical in their lives and tangible things matter too.

Gifting nowadays comes in different forms, there are gift cards, gift checks, and vouchers and there are also digital gifts. Digital gifts are best when used via an app just like Appreci. It is one app that we can conveniently use to show gratitude to someone. It is a new app introduced in the Philippines by Digileaf. Thru the app, you can reward a job well done by giving your employee a cup of coffee via the app. He or she can claim it to the nearest coffee shop and he or she will not pay even a single peso for the treat.

You may download the app on Playstore and Appstore. The app is still in beta mode here in the Philippines, but you can check out for more info and details.

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