Tips for aspiring health and fitness influencers

On Instagram, #Fitness has 400.4 million posts, #Health has 119 million, #Fitnessmotivation has 85.9, #Getfit has 33 million and #Fitspiration has 18.6 million, and these are only some of the top hashtags related to health and fitness.

On #Fitness alone, nearly 180 million accounts use it on their posts. The fact is, you can't scroll through your feed without seeing at least one fitness or health-related post.

These numbers are proof that a lot of people on social media follow posts that are related to health and fitness. More and more people are getting aware of the importance of fitness and health especially nowadays that a lot of threats from bacteria, viruses and diseases affect our daily lives.

People want to get fit and healthy to improve their quality of life. They engage in physical activity or exercise to reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. They arm themselves with a lot of knowledge that is related to being fit and healthy the natural way.

Nowadays, people give much emphasis on the importance of fitness and health, and they reflect this value on social media for awareness.

Health and fitness, therefore, is a good niche for social media influencers.

Anyone can be a health and fitness influencer but how can you stand out from the rest? Is it enough that you have a toned body, abs, and big muscles to flex?

Here are some tips for aspiring health and fitness influencers.

Decide what kind of content about health and fitness you want to focus on.

  • Inspirational Content
These contents are based on your own fitness journey that motivates others in theirs and simply inspires them. If you’re a person with a drive to change lives, this is the type of content you have to consider.

What you need to post on social media to attract followers and engagements? First, high-quality photos with elaborate and motivational captions, vlogs of you doing exercise or physical activities and videos of you motivating, inspiring your audience to reach their fitness and health goals.

  • Educational Content
This type of content delivers the most value. However, only educated, knowledgeable individuals are capable of creating educational content. They are mostly fitness and health experts, mostly professionals in the field. 

Educational infographics and vlogs providing health and fitness advice are some of the ideas you can create for educational content on health and fitness.

  • Entertaining Content
Do you love making people laugh? Are you naturally funny? Then this is the content that you should post on social media. This should be very easy if you really have that entertainment factor as you simply have to be creative on how to do a humorous content. This type of content goes viral so easily because people engage in posts that can entertain them and make them forget or escape the sad realities in the world even for a while.

What you can post? Maybe a video of you being humorous or doing something dope and a photo with a unique, witty, or funny caption.

This type of content might be easy but make sure to always be sensitive with your jokes or humor because not all people can relate to what you are posting.

Whatever type of content you want to post as a health and fitness influencer, always remember to create high-quality, relatable, and authentic posts. Don't forget to engage with your audience too, to build a lasting relationship with them. Remember that in influencer marketing, brands also measure the rate of engagements not just the number of followers and the quality of your posts.

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