Primaduck, a better alternative for pork and chicken

What's your favorite food made from duck or duckling meat? Mine is Foie Gras of course! Not just because it sounds "alta" but because it is a speacilty food, a very rare and delicious delicacy.

Not until I get to try Prima Duck ham in 2019 in one of the Christmas party I attended in BGC. You know, I haven't always liked duck meat because of the smell and the aftertaste, but that whole duck ham from Prima Duck was really delicious, it has no unusual taste and odor. It is as good as the usual hams we spread on our table every Yuletide season.

And now, thay are not only offering whole duck ham but other types of ham, tapa, longganisa, bacon and a lot more food products that can be enjoyed from sun up to sun down.

Business Profile, EDL Group

Prima Duck is a duck business by the Lorenzo family of the EDL Group, a group of companies focusing on Agro-Industrial, Hospitality, Human Health, and Animal Health.

The CEO and Chairman, Dr. Eulalio D. Lorenzo, is a leader and a strong visionary that formulated and created many veterinary products that are leading in the industry today. He is also currently the head of Freemason Shriners of the Philippines, an organization that helps many children all over the world with their health needs. As of today, the #1 poultry antibiotic exists because of Dr. Lorenzo, from his humble beginnings more than 30 years ago.

Mr. Eulo Lorenzo, his eldest son, is the VP for Marketing and Operations of The EDL Group, who is now helping drive the growth for Primaduck, a brand under a company EDL Agritourism. Primaduck core products are the Peking Duck Pinoy Favorites and Fresh Peking Duck that are being distributed to many restaurants and hotels in Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon.

Primaduck is being produced locally in Capas Tarlac, it sits on a 33-hectare facility, with 4 SMART housing facilities, that are all very strict in biosecurity and quality. Hence, farm-fresh, locally-produced, and world-class. Even Michellin star restos approve of their products.

To make their products more accessible, Dr Lorenzo established Yong-A and Roasted Duck Express, managed by his daughter, Ms. Catherine Ann Lorenzo. It is located in the Greenhills area and soon in NAIA3. The Roasted ducks and other food offerings are well-loved by customers, not just the Chinese community but the locals as well. EDL's adavantage is that they breed and produce the ducks themselves and cook them too. Also, their Chefs are all trained from a Chinese Roast Duck Expert.

Primaduck Pekin Duck Smoked Longganisa 250 g / P95.00

Dr. Lorenzo ventured into the duck industry 4 years ago and has invested in the business quite heavily that generated many jobs in Tarlac, San Mateo, and Metro Manila. They are considered to be one of the very few facilities, if not, the only one who has Hitech facilities in the country, consultants and breeders are from France and Belgium. 

Duck meat is white meat, which means it has lesser fat content than most red meats. If you want to eat healthy but can't live without meat, Primaduck is a better choice.

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