On my beauty stash : Artista Scent and Magical Posh Cosmetics

Perfume and cosmetics such as facial creams, face powder, and lipstick are one of a girl's must-haves especially of those who are always on the go, meeting different people at a time. For a cosmopolitan girl, these beauty products are very basic things inside their bag or their vanity kit.

Being always on events, of course I make sure to look, feel and smell good. I am one of those girls who always carry a big kit for beauty products. I have actually more than 5 brands inside my bag, each has its own purpose.

Every now and then, I search for new beauty products that I can add to my collection. I continuously search because I know beauty products innovate from time to time and those that I am using now might be obsolete and there might be new products that could do magic to my looks at an instant.

One of my requirements when I am shopping for beauty products is that they should be locally made. I prefer local brands, I believe that in supporting our local businesses, it strengthens the economy and it helps more MSMEs succeed in the industry. I believe MSMEs are the backbone of the economy and if they succeed, we succeed as a nation.

Which is why I did not forget to visit the Franchise Asia Philippines 2019 a week ago. Fortunately, I easily find a local brand selling both perfumes and cosmetics - Magical Posh Cosmetics and Artista Scent. Both brands are under a group of company owned by a very passionate and empowered woman.

Artista Scent is a collection of 4 different scents (for now) - Moira and Sarah for women and Matteo and Tom for men. Moira has a classic scent, perfect for those who prefer the smell of old rose while Sarah smells contemporary, fit for modern women of today. Matteo and Tom both has a fresh scent for men.

Magical Posh Cosmetics, on the other hand, features products such as liquid and matte lipsticks, contouring sticks, serums and face powders.

I haven't tried liquid lipsticks as I find it hard to apply since I am not really a make-up person. I am just forced to put on make up because I need to look presentable at all times, I don't want to look pale, zombie-looking. But their line of liquid lippies are so adorable. 

There are a lot of shades to choose from and I first tried the Lady Danger which is a dark shade of red in matte liquid lippie. I tested it on my wrist and tried to test how transfer-resistant it is. Proven, it's long-wearing, and when I applied it on my lips, wow it feels so cool, it is mentholated. Since that day, the Lady Danger has been my favorite and I wear it on events because I hate retouching, I am really lazy on that part.

I have yet to try other products such as the serum. I love serums because they are lighter than creams but the effect on the skin is the same. The serum I have used before is not locally made, so now I am planning to shift with the Serum Fond, just waiting for my BB cream to run out.

Pricewise, both the Artista Scent and Magical Posh Cosmetics are competitive, not affordable but reasonable. Qualitywise, they are better than their competitors; even the perfume scent lasts long on fabric and lingers on the skin.

Of course when choosing beauty products, you're only not after the quality or after the price only. There are cheap, affordable products but fail on quality test. There are quality products but fail on price comparison.

Artista Scent and Magical Posh Cosmetics, on the other hand, offer both a good quality and a good price that you will not regret spending your hard-earned money on them.

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Jhas Mhen said...

Do they have a physical store or just online?

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