Teach Kids to Code the fun way with RoGo Coder

When we hear the word CODING, it sounds confusing and something too complex and complicated even for adults who don't have the technical knowledge or background in IT or computers. But he fact is, it's simple and anyone, even kids can learn the basics; when we break it down. The analogy here is to think of coding like the many books inside a library. Some use simple language and have stories that are easily understood. Others have very complex words and stories so hard to read, yet, they are all BOOKS. The more books you read, the better you become at it, and that is the same with coding.

Almost every electronic device we use relies on code, which is why coding is very important and can be introduced to young minds. Coding for kids seems like an impossible endeavor because it's a lot like learning an entirely new language - literally. In this new generation, it is important to get children involved in coding as it aims to be fun, gamified, and rewarding to keep the young mind engaged. 

Coding for kids is not just about the jobs or the coolness, but also the creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and other skills ripe for improvement as byproducts of kids learning to code.

We should encourage our kids to code because apart from it is a high-demand job, coding also has the following benefits :

- provides a competitive advantage
- knowledge allows students better understand the world
- is fun and satisfying
- improves creativity, problem solving, persistence,  collaboration and communication

Kids don't always have to enroll in coding summer camps or after-school programs or hire coding tutors to learn to code because, with just an app, like RoGo Coder; they can digest coding. RoGo Coder, a kid-friendly mobile app is a real-time interactive coding game, teaching children the basics of computer programming through a variety of fun interactive levels, they will learn sequencing, loops, functions, if statements, and more.

Basic RoGo Coder characters (FREE)

RoGo Coder, rated for 3+ is a unique real-time action coding game, meaning the player will have to think quickly, use trial and error, and logic to complete the levels. This brings more of a game-like feel to this educational coding app. Instead of the repetitive, place a function and hit play style most coding games have, RoGo Coder's real-time action encourages players to make decisions, embrace trial and error, and use quick problem-solving skills.

RoGo coder features 50+ coding activities. Collect memories, and coins to unlock characters and comic book pages.

Players will learn:
➜ Sequences
➜ If Statements
➜ Loops
➜ Functions
➜ Trial and Error
➜ Problem Solving Skills
➜ Communication Skills

RoGo Coder 
is developed by QiiQ Communications Inc. and is a part of the Social Edification project by Ecocarrier. For more information please visit ecocarrier.com and Socialedification.com. 

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Facebook: @RogoCoder
Twitter: @Rogo_Coder 

or visit the site for more info:

Premium RoGo Coder characters, buy using in-game coins


Someones broken into the lab, taken the professor, and RoGo doesn’t remember a thing. The professor’s trusty sidekick RoGo needs to solve levels, collect his memory, find the professor, and stop whoever is behind all this!

Now, Kids, ask for parental guidance and download Rogo Coder via the Google Play or App Store for FREE and help RoGo rescue the professor!

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