Empowered by Motherhood : Mommy Influencers in the age of Social Media

Women are a mighty force and power. Gone are the days of suppression and oppression, inequality and injustice among women. Women nowadays are as empowered as men and they enjoy their right to control and benefit from the resources, income, assets, and their own time. Their ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well being is now being recognized.

When women become mothers, they become even more empowered. The more responsibilities are at their hands, the better they become at life in general. Their voices become louder allowing them to take initiative and contribute meaningfully to the community.

Motherhood is very empowering as mothers bring forth life in the world. They raise their kids and how these children turn out to be, is the reflection of the values and principles that are taught to them by their Moms. Moms are empowered by motherhood because it teaches them to be nurturers, protectors, and good examples for their kids.

According to statistics, there are 3.8 B women in the world and 2 Billion of them are mothers. This is one good reason why there is an increase in the market of the so-called MOMFLUENCERS or Mom Influencers in the field of social media marketing.

Brands trust Moms for their ability to sway other parents, fellow women and mom influencers, and a great number of netizens and followers. Mom is the most powerful when it comes to both traditional and social media or online marketing and advertising because of their wide audience and reach. When a Mom started a conversation, it does not only travel from one mom to another but to people whom they interact daily from the neighborhood, from the office, their school friends and even to the younger market, because people look up to Moms and the young generation values every word that a Mom says.

Moms belong to many groups, online and offline and their reach is larger than any other consumer segment. They also have stronger purchasing power than any other group. Their tremendous reach and influence make them powerful and that power converts to trust from among brands, parents, and consumers. Mom influencers are actual Moms who are living and experiencing exactly what you are living and experiencing, thus followers can relate to her on a personal level.

Moms work organically, as an influencer and a blogger. Their content is authentic and their social media feeds are genuinely engaged. No one wants to mess with Moms, anyway. Moms know better because they have been there and they have done that. Their hands-on experiences with a lot of things made Moms the "new media." 

Moms are not afraid to say anything and everything. They are opinionated and every word Moms say makes sense and they are open to telling their own stories from the most horrible to the most successful ones which make them excellent content producers that brands are looking for.

Mothers create heartfelt, relatable stories of life. The wit combined with the heart makes every Mom great storyteller and the most in-demand social media influencers of today. 

In the coming years, the influencer marketing industry is forecasted to swell to more than $5 Billion, that's 10 times higher than the 2015 forecast. Even if we are now living the new normal because of the pandemic, Mom's influence will not be taken for granted. In fact, their demand will definitely be higher as most people stay at home and Moms know best when it comes to anything and everything related to HOME.

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