Tips for Choosing the Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree

Even if you’re living in a tropical country, there is still an art to picking out a Christmas tree.

In a country that really loves the Christmas season, decorating for the holiday season is like a sport. Families across the country would bring out Christmas decorations from their vaults and start decorating as early as September. Then, the following Ber months would continue to herald the arrival of the holiday season and families would start bringing out more Christmas decor, such as their Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Vinyl with Metal Foot from AllHome

Luckily we live in a time where we have nothing but options. With that blessing, though, comes the burden of having to choose. Whether you like short or tall, thin or thick, dark green, bright green, snowy white, or even a red Christmas tree, that’s just the beginning of options you have to wade in when choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your place.

AllHome have listed down a few things to consider that will help you choose the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home this Holiday Season.

Six Feet Vinyl Christmas Tree from AllHome 

Mind Your Space 

Make sure to properly measure the area you plan to put your Christmas tree in. Give an allowance of at least six inches from the ceiling if you want a tall tree. But if you want a shorter tree, there’s a variety of Christmas trees in smaller sizes, like tabletop sized or slim-width floor trees which are best suited for small apartments.
Red Tabletop Berries Christmas Tree from AllHome

Pick a Tree Type

Christmas trees are usually evergreen conifers, such as a fir, spruce, or pine. Since it’s not practical to use real trees in our weather, an artificial tree of similar appearance should do it. It’s best to buy a Christmas tree in person so you can check if it’s really up to par with what you wanted. If shopping online, you may check AllHome’s website as it has the feature of high-resolution images to zoom in. This way, you can examine the trees you’re eyeing.

White Christmas Tree from AllHome

Get Precise with Color

Monotone green trees can be beautiful but may not look as natural. If you want something different this year, go for wild colors such as red, pink, or snowy white! You could also go for a winter wonderland in the tropics by choosing a snowy white Christmas tree or one that has dustings of fake snow.

Christmas Tree with Faux Snow Dusting from AllHome

Ornaments and Other Elements

Finally, when selecting an artificial tree, you should know if it includes a stand. When there is an attached stand, this helps to ensure your tree stays upright and might make storage easier. Also, check its faux trunk if it’s strong enough to hold up the tree limbs with ornaments on it or if it’s too visible in particular areas. 

Ultimately, the Christmas tree that you should pick should be the one that perfectly encapsulates the love you have for Christmas, suits your aesthetic and lifestyle. Hope that this simple guide from AllHome will be a great help to you as you navigate through the fun process of choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your place. 

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Enjoy the holidays with AllHome!


Diva Princess said...

Nice. I hope makagawa din sila ng tress na hindi favorite bahayan ng lamok lalo na sa umaga

Roselle CT said...

It's my dream of having a Christmas tree taller than me. And I don't want the usual green. I want a white Christmas tree. For now, I still don't have one because one of my concerns is storage space after the holiday is over.

Lisa said...

Thank you for the tips. Mas gusto ko yung white Christmas tree.

Mona V said...

I love the Christmas trees here especially the one with faux snow!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips. Will sure great help

Passions of a SAHM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

wow! that's nice.
Thank you for the tips.

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