What Makes Coco Martin #TheRiteOne for RiteMed?

Do you still remember the tagline that was made famous by the late Queen of Philippine Movies, Ms. Susan Roces? 

The iconic line "Huwag mahihiyang magtanong" from RiteMed's advertisement was conceptualized by Ms. Susan Roces herself, as revealed by the Execs of RiteMed. Ms. Roces had been very hands-on when she accepted the role of a brand ambassador. She was very keen on the details and she scrutinized everything just to make sure what she represents aligns with her values and beliefs.

Coco Martin doing the RiteMed pose with RiteMed GM, Vince Guerrero (left) and RiteMed President , Atty. Jose Ochave (right)

When she passed away, RiteMed team looked for a hands-down choice, not to replace Ms. Susan Roces but someone who will continue her mission of giving affordable medicines to the Filipino people. As the brand celebrates 20 years in the business, the team decided to look for someone principled, kind, and trustworthy; and they saw these characteristics with The Rite One, Coco Martin.

Apart from being close with Ms. Roces' family, what makes Coco the perfect ambassador for RiteMed?

If you can still remember, Coco Martin has humble beginnings. He does not belong to a popular clan of artists, nor does he instantly make a big name in the industry at the start of his career in 2001. In the first 4 years, he appeared in minor roles in TV and films. His biggest break was in 2005 when he landed the lead role in an Indie film that was critically acclaimed and has won lots of awards even in the international scene. Coco made a lot of award-winning Indie films until 2008.

In 2009, Coco rose to fame with his TV projects under the Kapamilya, ABSCBN network. While doing high-rating tele-series, he was making more award-winning films, alongside. He seems so unstoppable until he starred in his most successful series to date - FPJ's Ang Probinsyano - in 2015. It has been consistently a top rating series in primetime until its last episode in August 2022. In between Ang Probinsyano tapings, Coco still managed to do a lot of movies and in 2017, he launched his own productions company, CCM Productions.

In the middle of the pandemic, Coco tirelessly worked towards his goals for his career and family. In fact, COVID was no match for him as he was not even infected although he was always out and about directing and producing. Coco is undeniably one of the richest actors in the country today and as he is set to make another record-breaking series, Batang Quiapo, he will also be restlessly portraying the role of the RiteMed Ambassador, continuing the legacy of the late Ms. Susan Roces.

Coco Martin, who is also celebrating his second decade in the industry; wholeheartedly accepted the challenge because he believes in Ms. Roces' advocacy and the quality of RiteMed's products and services.

It was an uphill climb for Coco, just as how it was never easy for RiteMed to be trusted by many Filipinos at first. In a country where imported goods and expensive products are perceived to have the best quality and efficacy, how can RiteMed - a brand selling affordable medicines for the masses, compete with well-known and branded ones? Despite the company's many efforts to let the public know that their medicines or products are as effective as the branded ones, 
most Pinoys are not that easy to convince because their belief was rooted in society and culture. But with the help of Ms. Susan who was also the co-developer of the brand, RiteMed was able to attain 95% consumer awareness, which means they have an extremely high trust rating, because of the value for money they have proven for many years.  

The RiteMed team after strict selection, were convinced that Coco Martin embodies the perfect face of their new brand ambassador, because they believe Coco will be one with them in their advocacy of giving every Filipino an access to affordable yet effective medicines.

Interview with the media that lasted for hours. Coco answered each question politely, with a smile on his face and with so much wisdom. He was patient and energetic the whole time that every guest was able to take a selfie with the Primetime King.

From the iconic line "Huwag mahihiyang magtanong," Coco Martin incorporated the line "Sabi ng Lola ko" in the recent ad, as tribute to the late actress.

RiteMed, Ms. Susan Roces and Coco Martin have something in common:

- before they gain a BIG name in their respective industry, they all started from humble beginnings.

- compassion. We all know how much love Ms. Susan Roces has had for the people around her, same with the love and concern Coco Martin is giving to his fellow-artists, co-workers and even to people around the community he lives in. Ritemed on the other hand, shows compassion by giving us inexpensive yet quality products to protect our health.

With these common grounds, this partnership is indeed a "match made in heaven," and is expected to last, hopefully for the next 20 years or beyond.

How about you?How would you rate #CocoMartin being the new face of the brand? Do you also believe he is "TheRiteOne" to continue the legacy?

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