23 Things inside the house that you need to eliminate (or recycle) at the start of 2023

New beginnings require letting go. This means, letting go of people, memories, and things that no longer contribute to your growth and happiness. Remember, letting go does not always mean to throw away. Recycling and donating these things that are still useful are practical and eco-friendly ways you can let go of such things.

This 2023, here are 23 things that you can declutter to make way for new things and for a clean and fresher space. 

General Space

01 |Old Calendar 
A new year requires a new calendar. Thus, this is already given that old calendars should be recycled or donated to charities that accept papers and use them for a good cause. 

02 |Receipts, old and unrecyclable paper
Only keep the receipts if you need them for warranty in the future. Keeping unnecessary receipts will only take up space and clutter in your wallet or in your home.

03 |Old Magazines 
Like receipts and unrecyclable papers, old magazines may only take up space. Recycling or ridding of old magazines can create free space for the necessary things that need to be organized. 

04 |Broken Furniture
Given that a piece of furniture is already broken, expendable, and cannot be recycled, such furniture should be thrown away. This will give you more space for new and functional furniture.

05 |Out of Date Medicine 
Expired medicine loses its effectiveness or may be risky since there is a change in chemical composition. It is not as effective before its expiration date. 

06 |Toys not played with
Giving or donating toys that are not played with is one way to give smiles to other children. Not only that you’ve cleared up space, but you’ve also reduced waste while making other children happy.

07 |Old Batteries
Batteries contain toxic chemicals which pose a threat to our health and the environment when not handled/recycled properly. Know how and where to dispose of these batteries to help keep our environment clean.

Wardrobe and Vanity

08 |Old Clothes or Clothes that don’t fit
Calamities strike in different places from time-to-time. You can donate or sell your old clothes to clear up space in your wardrobe while helping people who are in need.

09|Broken hangers
Broken hangers no longer serve its purpose if it doesn’t hang your clothes properly anymore. These should be thrown out as it only takes up space in your wardrobe.

10|Broken Accessories or Items that are out of style
When items go out of style, we won’t even remember the last time that we used it. You can donate or sell these accessories to other people to make space for new items.

11|Worn Underwear
It is important to change our undergarments regularly to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your private parts.

12|Expired Make-Up
When ingredients reach their expiration date, this can cause skin irritation and other infections. Throwing away expired makeup can help you avoid skin problems and give space for new and fresh makeup.

13|Ill fitting shoes
Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause calluses or develop ingrown toenails. It is best to donate these shoes to those in need so that it can still be used.


14|Old or Overused sponges 
It is recommended to change your dish sponge once a week. However, once every two weeks will also do. Bacteria can accumulate over time which may soon develop an odor. This will help you avoid the spread of germs in your kitchenware. 

15|Wooden Spoons or other wooden cooking utensils 
Wood is known to absorb moisture easily which is home to bacteria. Once every two years, you can opt to replace these wooden kitchen utensils to avoid bacterial growth. 

16|Unused Kitchen Appliances 
Reasons for unused kitchen appliances may be duplicates of your recent appliances that are still in good conditions. Donating or selling these appliances can clear up space and give your kitchen a clean and fresh look. 

17|Unused Herbs, Spices, and Condiments
Over time, spices that are past their expiration date may lose their aroma and flavor. Therefore, keeping it will be of no use since it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. 

18| Kitchen appliances that have problems 
Appliances that cannot be repaired no longer serve its purpose. Mindfully send or donate these appliances to the right establishments to reduce electronic wastes. 

19|Rusty appliances 
Rusty appliances may not harm you directly. However, over some time, it may be a health hazard. Rusty utensils should also be discarded as it is not safe for one to ingest rust. Moreover, rust reduces the lifespan of these utensils and appliances, thus not serving its purpose.  

20|Food inside the refrigerator 
Clear out the food that you no longer take out and eat from the refrigerator. Clearing food from your refrigerator is one way to reduce visual clutter which makes a big visual impact to make your kitchen look and feel better. 

21|Old Dishcloths 
Like kitchen sponges, over time, harmful bacteria can be transferred to your dishcloth when wiping unclean surfaces. This may cause bacteria to spread all over the kitchen. Throw dishcloths when it starts to smell even if you’ve washed it.  

22|Chipped dishes or glasswares 
Chipped dishes or glasswares cause In dishes, crazing, cracks, and crevices serve as breeding grounds for bacteria that can contaminate the food you're ingesting. Thus, proper disposal of these kitchenwares helps you avoid potential illness caused by these bacteria. 

23|Things that no longer make you happy. 

May 2023 be a year of growth, prosperity, and happiness. Let go of the things that no longer serve you and make you happy. Not only does this give you more space, but it also lessens the emotional baggage that you’re carrying. Remember that a lot can happen in a new year - things and experiences that have never been.

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