CHERRY Philippines Welcomes Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as New Brand Ambassador

CHERRY Philippines (formerly Cherry Mobile) proudly welcomes Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla to their growing family. CHERRY enhances the quality of life for Filipinos by offering a wide array of smart home devices, home and living products, entertainment options, kitchen gadgets, pet care items, mobile devices, and more. With the CHERRY IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions app, all these products can be effortlessly controlled with just a click from your device, providing comfort and accessibility for you and your family.

“Mariel brings her unique perspective and expertise to the table. Her authenticity, warmth, and bubbly persona have endeared her to audiences, making her a trusted source of inspiration for homemakers everywhere,” shares Michelle Ngu-Cinco, COO of CHERRY. “We all know that she loves preparing and cooking for her loved ones, and we have our kitchen product lineup for that. Additionally, we want her, and everyone else, to experience the convenience and security of using CHERRY smart home devices, especially with their busy schedules,” adds Michelle.

The All-Around "Over Alaga" Mom and Wife

An artist by heart and a dedicated mom, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla continues to thrive in the entertainment and business industries. However, as a mom, change can be daunting. Mariel is determined to show that homemaking is not just a series of tasks but an art form crafted with love, care, and protection—a quality that every mom possesses. She consistently shares her unique approach, offering insights and tips on how to be a super mom.

“I am truly grateful and elated to be part of the CHERRY family. As an O.A. or ‘Over Alaga’ mom and wife, I'm so excited to use their products for home and living, kitchen, and more. In fact, even before they got me as one of their ambassadors, I already had their air fryer and rice cooker. Now, I am using their 2-in-1 Smart Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier. It’s so cool and convenient to have these features in one product,” says Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, Brand Ambassador of CHERRY.

“I’m also impressed with their lineup of smart security cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. These are must-have items for our homes, providing added security and peace of mind. All you need is internet access to download and install the CHERRY IoT Solutions app on your phone. To be fair, I’m not really that techy, but as a first-time user, I must say that it is easy to use and navigate,” adds Mariel.

From Celebrity to Live Selling Maven

In a world where innovation meets tradition, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla redefines homemaking. For Mariel, it has always been more than just a routine; it's an art form—a creative expression of love and care. She has captivated audiences with her unique approach, sharing tips, tricks, and insights with her loyal fan base.

Her journey as an entrepreneur began with a desire to explore new business avenues while balancing the demands of motherhood. As a hands-on mom and wife, Mariel has embraced the world of online live selling—a dynamic platform that allows entrepreneurs to connect with customers in real time.

"At the heart of Mariel's success lies her unwavering commitment to her family. As a devoted wife and mother, she prioritizes the well-being and happiness of her loved ones above all else. Whether it's preparing a home-cooked meal for her family or spending quality time together, Mariel remains grounded in her values and principles. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the live selling industry, she inspires countless individuals to embrace entrepreneurship, take risks, and forge their own paths to success,” shares Agnes Conopio, PR-CSR Head of CHERRY, during the contract signing.

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