Watsons Volunteer Moms: Compassionate Hearts and Healing Hands in Action

Mounting a Watsons Alagang Pangkalusugan medical mission is a collective effort involving numerous volunteers, including doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. Watsons collaborates with supplier partners who generously donate medicines and medical supplies, witnessing firsthand the impact of their contributions in various communities. Equally crucial are the Watsons employee volunteers, who dedicate their personal time to serve others, often sacrificing their days off and family time to give back.

Among these dedicated volunteers are many mothers. The traits of patience and leadership, which are essential for effective volunteering, are often deeply ingrained in mothers. For the Watsons moms who participate in Alagang Pangkalusugan medical missions, volunteering is more than an act of kindness; it is a commitment. Since its inception in 2013, Alagang Pangkalusugan has reached and benefited over 6,500 Filipinos. Watsons takes pride in partnering with Filipino families on their journey toward better health.

One notable volunteer is Editha “Meg” Aguila, who has been with Watsons for eight years. She began volunteering for the medical mission last year. Aguila shares, "It is my 2nd year this year with Watsons and the Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC), but in my store, we already conducted simple community services for the elderly as far back as 2017. We would spend time with the elderly, provide them with essential needs, and give them food from our Christmas caroling fund." Aguila, a Watsons store manager and mother of three, recounts her most memorable experience as a volunteer when the medical mission visited her hometown of Libmanan. However, working with children holds a special place in her heart. "As a mother, I empathize with the pain and anxiety of the mothers whose children are our patients. I guide them to the attending doctor and assist in interpreting prescriptions to ensure they understand and follow the medical advice correctly."

Similarly, Eden Valenzuela, a Watsons employee for over 13 years and a pharmacy manager, finds working with children both a privilege and a poignant reminder of the disparities in healthcare access. "It saddens me that due to poverty, many children cannot have regular check-ups and suffer from malnutrition. I always advise the parents to take proper care of their children, provide them with healthy food, and ensure they take their vitamins," says Valenzuela, a mother of three.

Joan Pacio, a pharmacy manager with 21 years at Watsons, is driven by her civic duty and faith in the common good. "Helping others is a life-fulfilling duty. It is especially gratifying to meet the health needs of the less privileged in remote barangays," shares the mother of two.

For Meg Aguila, the motivation to volunteer stems from a desire to help others and make a significant impact on the lives of beneficiaries. Eden Valenzuela finds joy in seeing the happy faces of people who receive free check-ups and medication. Their dedication exemplifies the spirit of Watsons’ social purpose.

Sharon Decapia, Watsons Senior AVP for Marketing, PR & Sustainability, notes, "We have seen a rise in employee participation in support of Alagang Pangkalusugan as more patients benefit from this initiative. We’re very happy that our employees are taking part in this."

Watsons' social purpose tagline, "Look Good Do Good Feel Great," guides the company in inspiring its employees and customers towards their sustainability goals. This ethos of doing good is deeply embedded in Watsons' culture. In 1841, A.S. Watsons founder Alexander Skirving Watson set a precedent by providing free medicine to the needy at the first dispensary.

To support Watsons medical missions, visit any Watsons store or shop online via the Watsons App. For more information, follow @watsonsph on Instagram, like @WatsonsPH on Facebook, and follow @watsonsphilippines on TikTok.

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