GO Beyond Corporation presents passionately handcrafted Phil Del Sausages

GO BEYOND Corporation is a company owned and operated by a team of skilled people with over 15 years of expertise in the Food Service industry. GO BEYOND Corporation is committed to provide total satisfaction to small and medium food stores as well as the demanding gourmet "hole in the wall" restaurants, hotels, catering services and corporate retail food stores.

GO BEYOND Corporation's philosophy is that, quality goes hand in hand with technology and the use of the finest ingredients and 100% meat in the products.

Behind the company's excellence are different teams working together towards a common vision. Each team has individual purpose and its own set of talented and driven people, but all of them ultimately sharing GO BEYOND Corporation mission on being the best at what it does.

They are committed to consistently provide total quality "top in mind" product ideas through continuous product efficiency and excellent customer service to satisfy their valued business partners.

PHIL DEL Sausages

Phil Del offers products we normally consume before we start a great day, like sausages and its Filipino counterpart - longganisa. Their products are all natural 100% meat, no extenders, preservatives and artificial flavourings and are gluten-free. They have brands for Premium Fresh Sausages such as Salami Sausage, Barese Sausage, Beefy Garlic Sausage, Bratwurst Sausage, Boudin Blanc Sausage, Hungarian sausage, Cheesy Hungarian Sausage, Italian Garlic Sausage, Chorizo Bilbao, Kielbasa Sausage,  Pepperoni Sausage, Spicy Sausage, and Schublig Sausage.

Barese Sausage is not your typical Italian sausage. It is made from 100% pure meat, special herbs, fresh parsley and basil.
Italian Garlic Sausage simply brightens up the day!
 Deliciously hot, Spicy Sausage
 Dried and fresh Spanish Chorizo Bilbao
 Phi Del products
 They also have Native Favorites like Pinoy Longganisa, Adobo Longganisa, Bistek Longganisa and Vigan Longganisa.

Bistek Longganisa ~ A Filipino version of Beefsteak.. with naturally caramelized onions

 Zesty Longganisa is uniquely blended with fresh Philippine citrus (calamansi), special herbs and spices.

 Vigan Longganisa is known for its tangy and garlicky flavor with a unique taste of vinegar from Ilocos. Simply seasoned with the BEST local ingredients. 

 Pinoy's popular adobo is turned into native favorite longganisa

Phil Del is available in most SM Supermarkets nationwide...

Visit PhilDelSausages on IG

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Unknown said...

wow! i will buy this soon. one of my favorite. thanks for sharing this in your website.

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