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In a society in which everyday decisions are consumed, informed and executed online, creating an online presence for your business is no longer an option—it’s an expectation, and required support for your traditional marketing initiatives. If you want to build your business online, but are wondering where to start, Lookna Advertising can help. Lookna provides FREE advertising services where you can showcase your products and services. There will be no funds depletion, making your ads visible ALWAYS.

What steps can you take to expand your business online? The Internet is the best option your business has for expanding into new sales channels and reaching customers around the globe. Even a small business can promote its brand well beyond the reach of its brick-and-mortar location by creating a dedicated website that is connected to various social media accounts.

Lookna is a fraud-free hyperlocal search engine for local businesses that provide fair and square advertising opportunity on your business. Advertising in Lookna can provide basic information such as your contact details and website address, increase sales by telling potential customers about your product or service, tell customers about changes to your service, new product launches and improvements, increase your short-term sales with a specific one-off message - informing people of a special offer or a particular benefit of your product, change people's attitudes and perceptions of your business, make your business first choice for customers, ahead of your competitors, generate awareness of your business and develop a particular market niche or position. 

If you really want to expand your business online and increase your potential revenue stream, you need to educate your customers about the other products and services your company offers. Education doesn’t have to mean beating them over the head with information about those offerings either. The idea of education is more about raising awareness of your other offerings than it is about aggressively promoting them.Use all the tools at your disposal to promote your other products and services with creativity. You can use blog posts explaining a new service or YouTube videos to demonstrate a product.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to expand your existing business online is to continue to offer consistent value to your customers. You will not only lose your current consumer base, but you’ll fail to attract new customers if you can’t provide them with the value they can count on every time they shop with your business. Instead, maintain a solid focus on building a good relationship with your existing customers, while taking moderate steps to reach out to new customers at the same time. A balanced approach creates an atmosphere in which your existing customers feel a sense a loyalty to your brand and trust your products, while you steadily expand your brand image to attract new consumers. 

Don't be tempted to buy advertising space in a certain type of media just because you read, see or hear it yourself - it should always be focused on your potential customers. Lookna only allows verified business owners to have a listing and advertise their businesses. Also remember you have a duty to ensure that your advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful.

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