De Rajje - leather products that age gracefully at an affordable price

Why are leather special?

Through a tanning process of skins from an animal, leather is produced. While cows are the most common source of skin for leather, leather also comes from the skins of pigs, goats, sheep, alligators, ostriches and lizards. Leather is durable and easy to care for and ages gracefully. Because of its resiliency and diversity, leather is a popular choice for handbags.

Handbag fads come and go, but a fine leather handbag never goes out of style. If you think leather handbags might be unimaginative, think again. Modern tanneries produce leather in hundreds of different ways creating almost unlimited choices in leather handbag finishes and colors.

Imagine some of these scenarios - you're going for an interview or attending a lunch with the board of directors, you're wearing a sophisticated and professional, a black leather handbag. Good choice isn't it? With a leather handbag you can always make a fashion statement. Heads will turn when you walk into the room with a chic red leather purse or a supple indigo shoulder leather handbag.

Once upon a time, tanning leather was a very time-consuming and expensive process and leather handbags were out of reach for many budgets. Today, modern tanning processes make owning fine leather handbags in a variety of styles and colors affordable. You can always treat yourself to several colors and styles.

I am a fan of leather, but let's admit, its cost in the local market is still higher than synthetic or fabric bags. This is why most of the time, I would prefer looking for alternatives, but they worn-out easily and they become such a waste after few months. They were never good investment as they don't serve their purpose for longer period of time and that made me feel like I was never spending my hard earned money wisely.

Until one day, somewhere in the south, in a village so familiar with me, I met this group of friends who are so passionate about leather handbags. Their success story started from a garage wherein they were doing their stuff as a hobby. Until one day they saw an opportunity to sell their goods and finally decided to market them and do business. They called their venture DE RAJJE, which are actually initials of each of the business owners and partners. De Rajje has now a physical shop located in 2169-C Narra Street, United Hills Village, Brgy. San Martin de Porres, ParaƱaque City.

De Rajje products are exceptional because they are handcrafted. The only time they use machine is when stamping the products. I personally handstitched one of their card case and boy, that was never easy! I realized that the owners and partners must be really putting their heart and mind to produce such beautiful leather products.

The card case I personally handstitched. I chose my own leather type and color, as well as the color of the thread. You can always follow your own style and ideas with personalized De Rajje products. 

De Rajje accepts to personalize your bags, purses, wallets and almost anything that can be done out of a piece of leather. They also have key chains, bag tags, cable ties, cup holders and more. Their products are best as personal gift or corporate giveaways. They provide an elegant looking box along with any product.

Their handbags can compete from the rest of the leather handbags from known brands in the local market. What sets their products apart is the price, they are way cheaper - without compromising the quality.

Ber months are fast approaching and in just a blink of an eye, it will soon be Christmas. De Rajje is one perfect gift to people that matters to you. A gift that you're sure to last along time and whose value never depreciates easily.

I personally would love to invest on one or two De Rajje handbags soon. They really have a lot of lovely product line that I can use for any gatherings or occasion and that can complement any styles and outfits. So easy to be stylish with De Rajje leather collections.

To know more about De Rajje and its products and services, pls visit their social media pages.

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