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More and more Filipinos are becoming conscious about what they put on their skin to make them look and feel beautiful. It used to be as simple as using some astringent to clean up and face powder to keep the oiliness away. But as beauty products become sophisticated, so as the people’s drive to catch up with the latest trend on skin care and cosmetic products. Popular among Filipinos are some of the Korean products taking on the shelves of local stores. It’s no surprise at all, since Koreans are globally known to have glowing skin because of their regimen and many Filipinos are into Korean culture because of the influx of Korean dramas shown on television.

As more creams and face masks come in to the shelves, there are some who find a line between using the natural way of keeping the skin beautiful along with the available skincare products to offset the use of products with synthetic vitamins and minerals. This is where MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor comes in. With MISSO®, people can enjoy the benefits of all-natural beauty as it provides the wonders of naturally-extracted essential oils at one’s home. People can be sure of what they put on to their selves and don’t worry about other ingredients from other skincare products and some possible adverse effects to their skin.

Eun-Joo Lee, a Korean residing in the Philippines for more than 20 years, is one of the faces that represent MISSO® in the country. Lee, an NGO worker helps out in impoverished areas in the country by training people to get back on their feet so that they could establish their own livelihood. Her long walks in numerous barangays could take its toll on her skin, but the simple beauty regimen she grew up with keeps her skin young and beautiful. Because she has dry skin, she uses sesame oil to keep it moisturized. “In the evening after I wash my face, I just put on a bit of sesame oil on my face before I go to sleep,” Eun-Joo Lee said, “and then in the morning, I wash it before adding some lotion and sunscreen.”

She also pointed out the difference between Filipino and Korean diet. Filipinos have more meat in their meals while Koreans tend to eat more vegetables. “What I usually do at home is to pour some sesame oil on my steamed vegetables for breakfast,” Eun-Joo Lee said, “for those who would want more flavor from sesame, they could roast it a bit more before extracting.” She also shared that the chaff from extracting seeds could also be used in baking breads. This means that nothing goes to waste with the seeds they bought and it also means that they get more nutrients and dietary fiber from what they use. It is also the same idea that Maria Juris Fortun-Tiu have in mind whenever she is baking in her kitchen. Juris is a chef and aesthetician, and also one of the faces that represent MISSO® in the country, enjoys the benefits of MISSO® at home.

She is fond of making her breads more flavorful with the chaff she gets from extracting oil for her beauty regimen and the health benefits that comes with it. “Before when I haven’t used anything like the chaff to add on to my bread, it just tastes plain,” Juris shared, “but when I tried putting in some of it in my creations, they are more delicious and it doesn’t taste too plain.” Being around the kitchen for a very long time could make the skin dry from all the heat, fortunately for Juris, she had been very faithful to the beauty regimen she learned from her youth, which is washing her face with cold water in the morning, and come evening cleanse it thoroughly with facial soap. Now with MISSO®, she uses the all-natural oil to moisturize her skin.

As an aesthetician, she uses a variety of seeds to extract for various reasons. “While sesame seeds are good for moisturizing the skin, those who have some problems with their pimples could use the extract from chia seeds,” Juris said, “it is an antiseptic so it cleans the and it is also anti-inflammatory, so, what they need to do is just apply it to the pimple and then it could be gone overnight.” She also pointed out the chia seeds is a natural anti-aging ingredient that could keep skin young and radiant. The oil extracted from flaxseed when ingest is good for the brain. Juris pointed out that it helps in enhancing the memory and could possibly prevent dementia or other memory-related diseases in the brain. Aside from using these oils for it skin and health benefits, if there is one tip that she could share with anyone who wants to have beautiful skin, it would be having sunscreen to protect the skin from heat and harmful sunrays.

Achieving beautiful skin may not be as complicated as it seems with all the products coming out in the market. What Juris and Eun-Joo Lee had shared are just some of the simplest ways in taking care of the skin— ways that they know and proven by themselves. It just takes patience in going through all the regimen and of course, eating healthy as much as possible. With MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor, more people can do so much more to take care of their skin and their health. And all of these wonders could be achieved in the comfort of everyone’s home.

MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation.  IAJ Wellness Corporation is also the distributor of premium brands like Australian appliance brand, Breville, Matstone & Goodsphere, the air-revitalizer and is a proud member of the WOW Group.

To know more about Misso s2O, visit www.misso.com.ph or find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @MissoPH.

Misso s2o - Seed-To-Oil Extractor
Ancient beauties like Cleopatra and Nefertiti have long discovered the use of 100% NATURAL OILS 100% Natural Seed Oil to maintain their allure and youthful glow, and now it's your turn to Unlock their secrets for Beauty, Wellness, and Flavor with misso.com.ph

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Sam Aguilar said...

The best naman tlga kasi ang mga korean Beauty products! kasi effective po tlaga, we just need to continuous in using

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