What Are The 3 Species Of Cannabis Plants?

The genus Cannabis includes the plants that produce hemp, a material used to make rope. It also includes three species which are the source of recreational and medical cannabis that people ingest or smoke. Any cannabis delivery company probably has several strains, which could be made from one species or a combination. When you order weed delivery near me, you are getting products made from these three plants.

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa is the most well-known source of recreational and medical cannabis. In drug awareness class in middle school, you probably learned that marijuana comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. “Pot leaf” jewelry is also designed to look like a C. sativa leaf. C. sativa plants can grow very tall, as tall as a tree. Each individual plant is either male or female.

Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica is a smaller plant than C. sativa. It can also tolerate colder climates; it is named for the Hindu Kush Mountains, where it grows in the wild. Its adaptation to temperate climates make it suitable for growing in much of the United States. C. indica is the cannabis plant celebrated in songs like “Kush” by Dr. Dre, Akon, and Snoop Dogg. Some popular cannabis strains in the United States are hybrids of C. sativa and C. indica. C. indica has been recognized as a separate species from C. sativa since the late 18th century.

Cannabis ruderalis

C. ruderalis grows in the wild in Russia and Central Europe. It is the smallest cannabis plant used for human consumption. It has lower THC content than the other cannabis species. Therefore, it is desirable for making cannabis strains for medical use with few intoxicating effects.
Each cannabis species has its unique properties, and growers’ cross-breed the species to get the desired taste or medicinal effect.

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