Tips in keeping beautiful, healthy hair

Subject of hair is not less important whether you are a woman or a man. You would want to have soft hair which is an extension of personality, because you look better. Also on beauty and hair to help protect hazardous environment such as sunlight, heat, cold, found that men westerners to head million to detect skin cancer at the head have more often than people would begin to see the importance of hair more than yes.
We come to understand about the hair. And how to care for beautiful hair and healthy each other better. It is often a beautiful girl hair attract the boys of not less that today we have to leave each other to maintain healthy Hair.

I there a way that each step is to brush Hair

  • Hair before each pool
  • Use hair straighten brush because it removes dirt stuck on the Hair
  • Hair comb and tied off at first
  • Do not brush too strong. It can cause broken Hair and broken hearts.

Scalp massage

Daily scalp massages have been proven to be a very effective hair growth aid and they really boost hair growth.  Just like our skin, our scalp needs to be pampered and moisturized.  Good circulation is an important element in the natural hair growth journey and scalp massages are an enjoyable way to relax and boost your hair’s ability to grow.

Ways to add shine with the vinegar

  • Use vinegar mixed with 1 tablespoon warm water 3 cup pour it on your hair
  • Then rinse with warm water
  • Vinegar can help to shine the hair again just like in the past

Shampoo and conditioner
A shampoo and conditioner to suit conditions hair and scalp, if a person has hair, it should not use too much hair. Or should not use shampoo. Mixed hair.

With the sub Hair towel gently

Do not use a towel, wipe any Hair forces. It will destroy the elasticity of your Hair. Instead, use fingertips on Hair squeeze out water. Then use the towel gently. Hair and let dry naturally.

In addition to good tips. That took you to leave each other, do not forget the Hair Care in By eating foods with health benefits for Hair to shine your own.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post from Stella and she writes for She is a passionate green-enthusiast, loves gardening and writing is her hobby.


Unknown said...

I will definitely try this! :)

Sam Aguilar said...

Great tips! gagawin ko po yan, nakalimutan ko na kasi alagaan hair ko simula nang maging ina ako hehe...

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