What do Emerald Engagement Rings Say about You?

Although the diamond stone is the most popular choice when it comes to rose gold engagement rings, many people actually prefer emeralds because of their beautiful green colour and, of course, their lower price tag when compared to diamonds. However, if you believe in symbolism, there could be other reasons to consider emerald engagement rings.

As with all other gemstones, a preference for emerald cut morganite engagement rings does say something about you. The classical choice of a diamond ring will probably never go out of style, but emerald engagement rings indicate originality, individuality and distinctiveness. Choosing such a beautiful ring will show everyone that you are not inclined to just follow trends, but make decisions and choices based on your own personal preferences.

Unlike the blatant passionate statement a ruby conveys, an emerald symbolises a much more complex array of emotions. The colour itself is a very calm hue, symbolising growth, reflection, peace, healing and fertility, which is why it is the colour of spring. For this reason, the rich green colour of emeralds has long represented love, eternity and new beginnings. The reasons behind the emerald's association with love can be traced back to Hindu culture, where the vibrant green colour was used to align the heart chakra ¨C or energy point ¨C which allowed feelings of love to flow more freely. As a result, it is unsurprising that such a gem is considered a very romantic choice for any couple and will likely continue to be one for many years to come, especially as an emerald is also the gem of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

Not only romantic, but this precious gemstone, the birthstone of May, also has some more practical connotations. Emeralds are said to be associated with wealth, health and detoxification, and that emerald engagement rings will make the wearer lucky in matters of money, property and all other material aspects in life.

Also, don't assume that because diamonds are typically more expensive that people will regard an emerald as a cheaper, less worthy alternative. Not only are there are some emeralds that vastly surpass the value of diamondsArticle Submission, emerald wedding rings have something that diamonds do not. An emerald's innate mystique and charm is something you'll always value in the years ahead.

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