3 Alternative Career Paths To Take

Whether you’ve been in a particular industry or role for years and you’re looking for a new direction, or you are a recent graduate looking for the perfect job, there are some career paths that are off the beaten track. These are the roles within well-known and sought-out industries, but may not immediately spring to mind when you’re wondering what to do with your life. Venturing down an unknown avenue may sound scary, and you may need to learn new skills, but it could be the boost to your happiness you need, especially in the world of work. After all, we spend the majority of our lives working, so it pays to find a position and company where you can grow and flourish, with a job you love to go to day in, day out.


When you think of careers in healthcare, you may think first of the roles of doctor and nurse. These roles are the headliners of this industry, but there are many behind the scene roles which are just as vital. For example, when you need a blood test-taking, it’s not the doctor who will be able to determine the results, it’s the lab technician. If you are pregnant or you need an ultrasound performing, the nurse won’t perform this, the ultrasound technician does. These lesser-known roles take highly trained and qualified workers to do their job to the best of their knowledge, meaning society's health will be best cared for. However, if you do choose to enter these branches of healthcare, you will need to go back to education. For example, you can visit Bestultrasoundtechnicianschools.Co to gain your qualification to become an ultrasound technician.


You may have always dreamed of becoming a pro soccer player, or perhaps it’s ice hockey you love. Whichever sport calls to you more, if a pro team hasn't recognized your talent by now, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere in the world of sports. There are a variety of different paths to tread, ranging from dietician and nutritionist to a physical therapist and sports psychologist. Embarking on one of these careers will help you find a job you love, in an industry where you have personal interest and knowledge, and may even help you meet some of your favorite athletes! For example, a sports psychologist will be able to counsel athletes with mental issues, as well as aid their development, both in the sport and personally.


Have you found your talents lie with being able to master any language you put your mind to learning? Maybe learning Spanish at school sparked a lifelong love of all things language-related. When thinking about a career using languages, perhaps your mind jumps to becoming a language teacher in a high school. However, there are many different career options. For instance, with a modern languages degree, you could find yourself working as a broadcast journalist in a country far from your home; you could work in the airport assisting passengers, or you could work in the hospitality industry in a country you love. 

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