How to be a Powerful Modern Filipina in this age of too much Disinformation?

Truth they say will set us free! This is a powerful cliché that is often used to justify whatever truth that we believe in. For the one defending what he or she believes to be true, the burden of proving it lies upon the defender. In this modern day when digitalization is the usual means of propagating information, the truth is often twisted and adjusted in favor of those who are propagating it. 

A woman's LABAN Sign : my sign of TRUTH and FREEDOM

Unfortunately, social media platforms have been the playground of some people who want to manipulate the truth through disinformation, fake news, historical revisionism and even to some degree of gaslighting. Another thing that powers disinformation is political power and money. Social media is the most convenient way of propagating disinformation since it is readily available to everyone. But what is the role of a modern Filipina like me in this age of disinformation? To be honest, Filipinas have a huge role and they have the power!

Be a critical consumer. Fighting disinformation does not begin and end with fact checking the stories but also it entails holding the people, places or sources of that fake news accountable. Being a critical consumer is the primary defense against questionable data, doubtful news and misleading content. 

Say YES to research, the internet is a powerful tool for lies but with proper research, we will not be a victim of DISINFORMATION.

Start by helping the people in your network affected by disinformation. Immunity from persuasive manipulation is almost non-existent in this age of digital information. People are constantly exposed to false news and misleading information via the internet. It is best to start helping people in your immediate network such as family, friends and co-workers. This will take patience and planning the best strategy to lead misinformed people in accepting factual information and turning away from manipulative content online. However, being straightforward is not usually the best strategy since these misled people are already desensitized from reality and truth. What you can do is to provide them with alternative explanations than telling them that they are wrong. Be open to discussions and be empathetic with them.

Be the voice of truth using your social media platforms. We cannot deny that fake news and misinformation thrive online via social media and the way to counter this is to be active on your platforms in propagating what is factual without being over-critical and judgmental. Be the voice of truth and resonate what is just and right. By being active on your platforms, you get to expose people with factual information making them aware and probing their minds to consider the facts. 

Using my VOICE and my INFLUENCE as a content creator, Mother, former beauty-queen responsibly #NOTOFakeNews

Be persistent and lead by example. Although the fight to repel and debunk fake news is a humongous challenge when people tend to perceive false claims as truths when they have been exposed to them numerous times. This is what you call “illusory truth effect” that explains propaganda work, advertising campaigns that make people take fake news to be true. As a modern Filipina in this age of disinformation, you have power in your hands. Use it to enlighten and inspire people to seek the truth. Don’t get tired of seeking the truth after all life is a continuous learning process. Inspire people by being an epitome of what you believe in. Take advantage of your platforms, be proactive and participate in socially relevant events. At this day and age of misinformation, Filipinas are being challenged. Speak when called. Stand up for equality and truth in the kindest tone possible not only through words but in actions. After all, we Filipinas are powerful and unstoppable!

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