Ways to Maintian Straight Virgin Brazilain Bundles

Brazilian Virgin hair bundles are luxurious human hair with versatility like no other extension weave in the market. Their natural-looking texture and feel of this virgin hair bundles give them the option of being styled, dyed and work on with heat, though not a good idea. These virgin bundles are mostly from hair donors from South American and hence can last for about 12 to 18 months.

The Brazilian virgin straight hair is probably the one that is easiest to maintain as they are free of curls. Some maintenance processes are: Proper shampooing and conditioning: use a nutritious shampoo and go natural if possible to ensure that the hair is well fed as they are natural. The hair should be conditioned too and pat dry using a clean towel. Blow dry the hair with cool air to hasten dryness. Always make sure that hair is completely dry before combing or hair will shed off. Applying oil and serum and comb with a wide tooth comb. Combing from the tip and gradually move upward to remove tangles. Apply a leave-in conditioner and comb with a round brush for that straight and smooth look.

Brazilian hairweave is the preferred choice because they are easy to style and hold on to curls. To curl your straight virgin hair without heat can be a bit daunting and confusing but a heatless method will ensure that your virgin Brazilian bundle stays healthy and silky for a long period and can be done overnight for the perfect curls.

Here are 3 methods to curl your weave without heat.

Method 1: Use your old hair rollers: part the hair in smaller sections and roll around the roller using a bobbing pin to hold in place.

Method 2: In the absence of rollers, use an old fabric or towel cut into strips: twist the small parts of the weave along the strip of cloth and roll it and tie the fabric. Cover with a cap, leave overnight and loosen strips in the morning to reveal beautiful curls.

Method 3: The last methods and very common is braiding the weave. Portion hair weaves into segments and braid as desired. Note, however, that the tighter the braid the curlier the weave when loosen. Spraying saline water improves curl texture and hold.

Brushing the hair is a daily task. To keep the weave looking fine and long lasting; it should be brushed properly. To brush your Brazilian weave:Ensure that hair is dry and tangle free, use a wide tooth comb to separate hair strands. Apply oil or serum and brush with a comb from the hair tip and move upward to avoid shedding and breakage of the hair. Brush in one direction and in smaller sections.

The use of a curling iron on your weave gives you the option of different styles, we however have to remember that these virgin weaves do not last long with constant heat been applied to them. To keep them from damage with constant heat, here are a few steps to follow.

Get the good flat iron: a ceramic flat iron is better than a metal flat iron as it regulate the about of heat and reduces the hair burning as it has even distribution of heating during curling.
Choose one that has temperature control, this ways you are in control of the amount of heat that is applied to your hair.

Choose a slimmer flat iron: a large iron will not cover the hair properly and will need more time to heat up than a smaller slimmer one. In addition to these steps, make sure hair is clean and dry with heat protector oil applied before the use of a flat iron to keep the texture and durability of the Brazilian virgin weave.

Brazilian virgin weave fizzes faster than most weaves in the market. However, to turn your fizzy or curl Brazilian hair to a straight one, you need to:

►Wash and condition the hair properly, using warm water to rinse well;
►Towel dry the hair to ensure that wetness is complete gone and hair is rather damp than wet;
►Gently comb through with a blow dry on very low heat to make it dry faster;
►Apply hair straighten cream or gel a little quantity to aid the straightening process.

Gather the hair into a bun on top your head and straighten small portion at a time. Never use a flat iron on damp hair. You could risk being electrocuted. Straighten hair from base to tip applying a little pressure to get the desired result. Continue this process until the entire weave is done.

To curl your Brazilian hair vendors with a straightener; you need the have the following in place: Portion your clean hair; Plug in your straighten and allow to get to the required temperature; Your hair MUST be shoulder length or longer to get the perfect curls; Apply heat protector to your weave; Take a small portion, place the tip of hair between the flat irons and proceed to curl the hair by rolling it around the iron towards you. The smaller the portions of the weave, the finer the curls and vice versa. Gently pull away from you so that the hair passes through the flat iron to reveal a beautiful curl.

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