Revamping your Room

Every once in a while, it is important to take a step back and re-evaluate your living space. Maybe the white walls you once loved for their minimalistic quality are now too plain and boring, or your collection of stationary is filling up the empty surfaces you need? Today we explore a few simple choices that can massively transform any room.

For those of us who long for colour, yet are afraid to expand our colour palette, take the plunge and create a feature wall! Choose the colour of your choice and paint away, or if patterns are your thing, an exciting wallpaper to capture the attention of the viewer. Not only does this transform a simple room into a unique living space but can draw the eyes away from other areas of the room you do not want people to focus on.

Changing the theme of your room through colour is an easy way to directly improve the atmosphere of the room. But of course, there is always the choice between a more inviting vintage style, or the trending modern look. With both however, there is the opportunity for the unlimited and seamless application of the style to any room. A simple, monochromatic colour palette, coupled with modern technology, can transform a kitchen into the 21st century, whereas appreciation of traditional styles can produce a relaxing environment for a timeless bathroom.

In order to perfect the vintage style, however, accessories are inevitable; especially within the bathroom environment where coordination of items is essential among decorations. Utilising the necessity for taps and shower heads can subtly transform a plain room into a classic reinvention of the Edwardian look; Edwardian Bathroom Fittings allow for continuity within the bathroom whilst also emphasising its luxury through a chrome finish.

However, as with any renovating or upheaval of rooms, it is important to find a balance between accessories and the actual space of the room. A key rule in decorating is to limit the number of items on any surface to three- understandably, when it comes to desk space, this can be altered.

Therefore, removing clutter is a quick and easy way to change the atmosphere of a room, without changing the personality of the room.  Remember, this is ultimately living space, an area where you will create memories and utilise daily, and so it is important to not only reflect your character but to fundamentally enjoy your time within it!

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